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King of Hearts 21 July 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 21 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 21 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Simran trying to console Kritka. Kritika shouts that Sid made Rajveer a villain, but he is the main villain who along with Roshni’s family killed Rajveer. DD would have warned Rajveer, but she shot him dead. Simran says Rajveer wanted to kill her and Roshni. Kritika says Rajveer wanted to get away from all this and was about to leave the house when she stopped him until they get money. She further shouts that she will not spare Sid, Roshni, and DD and asks Simran if she wants to be on her side or Sid’s.

In the police station, the inspector tells Roshni that she cannot get DD’s bail as this case is different. She will have to prove in court that Rajveer was a criminal in court by producing evidence. Sid comes. Roshni starts crying. Sid promises her that he will not let DD happen anything and will make everyone say the truth. Simran on the other side consoles Kritika and says she will be on her side whatever it happens.

Court hearing starts and DD comes in the witness box. The lawyer asks Roshni to come in the witness box and asks her to tell what happened when Rajveer died. Roshni says Rajveer had kidnapped her and even told her that once Kritika gets money, he will kill both he and Kritika. Sid and DD reached the spot and Rajveer got afraid seeing them, he warned DD and Sid to go from there, else he will kill them all.

Zee World: King of Hearts 21 July 2019 Update

Lawyer says judge that it is a simple open and shut case and the culprit is a very big criminal. Kritika’s lawyer enters and says this is not a simple case. He questions Roshni if she hated Rajveer as he married Kritika divorcing Sam. DD’s lawyer says this question is irrelevant in this case. Judge overrules the objection. The lawyer asks if she went behind Rajveer. Roshni says she went to save Kritika.

The Lawyer asks it was her preplan to kill Rajveer. Roshni says she wanted to send Rajveer behind the bar as her and her family’s life was at risk and even her marriage was at risk. Lawyer shouts that she would have complained, but she wanted her to kill him instead of asking him to go behind bars. He shouts that Rajveer was a very nice man and asks if DD if he was such a good man, why did they kill him and says you all wanted to kill him, so you took him to the fort. Roshni says this is all lie. Judge announces lunch break.

A few loafers/eve-teasers see Sam in the market and start misbehaving with her. They run seeing police jeep. Sam starts crying. King of Hearts 21 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Lawyer questions Simran and asks if she thinks Rajveer was a bad man and wanted to kill Kritika. She stands still. He asks if she thinks they decorated the story and killed Rajveer in lieu of self-defense. Simran says she does not about it but knows they did not like Rajveer, even if he had made any mistake, the law is there to take care of him.

Lawyer says she is right and shouts that they wanted to kill Rajveer. Roshni says it is a lie. Judge asks her to opine only if asked. Lawyer shouts it is a murder and not self-defense. DD’s lawyer defense lawyer is trying to manipulate the case. Defense starts shouting again.

Mom comes home back and sees Yash waiting outside the door who says he was passing by and wanted to meet them. She opens the door and they are shocked to see Sam trying to hang herself over fan and suicide. Yash rescues her. Sam panics and says people are telling she can sleep with anyone and says Yash she can even sleep with him. He tries to control her, but she continues panicking. He slaps her and then hugs.

Sid asks his lawyer what are the chances of winning. He says very grimly as Kritika has hired a very good lawyer who has not lost case till now. Sid says everything is the first time in life and he has to make it first. Roshni starts crying, and he hugs and consoles him. Ugly Kritika sees that and tells Simran that her son is consoling Roshni whose mother killed her innocent husband. King of Hearts 21 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Kritika’s lawyer questions Sid and tells him with DD killed Rajveer. Sid says he single-handedly raised 800+ crores business and is the sole owner of it. The lawyer asks if he is thinking of bribing him.

Sid says he is not and says does he think such a rich man will kill anyone himself instead of hiring a supari killer. He takes out a gun and tells he will kill him. Lawyer gets afraid and throws things on him. Sid shoots a fake bullet and says just like got afraid, even DD got afraid seeing Roshni in Rajveer’s clutch.

Kritika comes into the witness box and says she wants to withdraw the case as DD is innocent. Sid reminisces explaining her outside that Rajveer was a big criminal, wanted to kill her and it was god’s wish to banish him from the world to stop troubling his people.

Judge dismisses the case and pronounces DD innocent. Sid says Kritika he is proud of her and will take care of his sister his whole life.

King of Hearts 21 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

DD goes back to her home and sees Yash consoling Sam. Yash says Sam is a brave girl and handled the situation bravely. DD says she is relieved now that Rajveer is no more to trouble her family.

Biji tells Raj that she is happy that Kritika took back case and made her proud. He says he is proud that she is the Khurana family’s daughter. Simran asks how did she forgive DD so easily. Sid tells he convinced her and she accepted the truth and took back the case, she is a big-hearted girl.

Roshni says she will not forgive Kritika’s help her whole life. Kritika comes with injured hands in white clothes. Simran asks why is she wearing white clothes.

Kritika says there is nothing left in her life now and it is colorless now. Raj asks her to forget past and start a new life as she as a long life ahead. Sid also says the same. She says she did what he requested, but he should not force her more, Rajveer will be in her life throughout her life and it is her final decision. She picks Rajveer’s ash pot and thinks she will punish each person and will snatch their happiness, she will make Sid cry his whole life and snatch his Roshni from him. King of Hearts 21 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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