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King of Hearts 18 February 2020 Update

King of Hearts 18 February 2020 Update

King of hearts 18 February 2020 starts with Satya and Mahi getting shocked seeing the report. They come home. Krutika and Raj asks them to tell what is in the report. Mahi says report is positive. Everyone is shocked. Inspector comes and says Kareena accused Satya of rape.

Mahi asks Kareena, what she wants and why she is doing this? Kareena says everything is clear and shows her pregnancy reports and tells him that Satya took advantage of her mental state and raped her. Raj says she is lying? Satya says she is a fraudster and tried to kill us. He says she has managed to change the reports and says I am sure that she is not pregnant, but I can’t prove. He checks for the video and says this will prove that nothing had happened. Kareena smirks.

King of Hearts 17 February 2020

Satya is shocked as video is deleted by Kareena. Inspector arrests Satya. Mahi asks Inspector to leave her husband and says Satya can’t rape her. Inspector takes him. Mahi tries to call lawyer, but he doesn’t pick the call. Krutika tells mahi that she will dome with her. Raj gets an attack and says he said that this girl is cunning. Mahi tells Kareena that she will not leave her if anything happens to her family and pushes her on sofa. Kareena says you have to pay for this.

King of Hearts 18 February 2020 Update

Satya asks Mahi to take care of Raj. Mahi assures him. She says I trust you a lot, but if Kareena is saying truth then. Satya says she is lying and playing game like always. He says I didn’t know how she changed the report, and says I am inside and can’t prove. He says she is not alone and someone is helping her. Mahi says whoever is with her will be caught. Mahi says that person will be caught. She asks him to take care.

Kareena thanks Payal for changing the reports and asks why do you want to help me. Payal says just because enemies enemy is friend. She says one thing is common between us, and that is Satya. She says our target is one…I will get much happiness to ruined them. Kareena shakes her hand with Payal. Payal as a nurse goes to hospital and changes the negative report with positive report. She then calls Kareena and says work is done.

Krutika tells Raj that they are in trouble and their stocks are falling in London. She says I have to go. She says Mahi tried to hire a lawyer, but nobody wants to take up the case as it is a rape case. She asks Mitul to take care of Raj and says she will be back in 1 week. Raj asks her to take care.

Mahi tells inspector that her husband is innocent and Kareea is accusing him falsely. Just then he gets a call from Kareena and she takes back the case. Inspector asks do you think that this is a joke. He asks Constable to free Satya. Mahi and Satya look on happy and worried too.

Satya and Mahi coming back home. They see Kareena and Payal having drinks and are shocked. Mahi says I should have understood that you will return to add poison in my life. Satya says we were sure that there is a third person involved, and says Anupama was infront of us. He says you have eloped from jailed and supported the evil. He says I will call Police and will get you arrested again.

Kareena asks him to think and choose if he wants to stay or kicked out of house, and says this house and property are mine now. She says your Dada ji have signed it. Payal smiles. King of Hearts 18 February 2020 Update

Satya comes to room and hugs Payal, thanking her so much. He asks are you fine? Payal says yes. She says I don’t know that Kareena will get property. Payal says we have to stretch this drama and tells that she is thankful to him. A fb is shown, Satya is shocked to know that Payal is diagnosed with cancer. He asks Doctor to save his sasumummy and says he is ready to do anything and sign on any papers. Doctor says procedure is painful. L

Later Doctor tells Payal that she is saved because of Satya. Satya gets a call and she tells Payal that Kareena is troubling them. Payal promises him that she will make Kareena go away from his life. Fb ends. Satya tells Payal that he has done a duty of her son. Payal tells Satya that she has changed reports as per their plan and got Kareena’s trust, but she didn’t suspect that Kareena will get property papers signed.

Kareena searches for Payal. She asks Mahi about him. Satya tells Payal that Kareena is very clever. Payal sees Kareena coming there and holds Satya’s collar asking how dare he? She says she will ruin his life and asks him to start counting the numbers. Kareena claps and says you are looking good while begging. She says may be I can show some pity on you and goes. Satya thanks Payal for handling the situation well ad says you should have been an actor.

Mahi sees Anupama cleaning the table and asks her not to do work. Kareena says you all have to work else I will not give food. Satya comes. Kareena says she will not let Satya do work, and asks him to sign on divorce papers and marry her. Mahi says we can take care of us.

Payal comes and asks Mahi to go and stay with Satya in chawl, else leave. Mahi says we will leave this house. She tells Satya that they will go to chawl. She asks Satya if he wants to leave luxurious life and go. Satya says he prefers to stay in the house. Kareena tells Mahi that Satya is habitual to luxurious life now and asks Mahi to do work. Mahi asks Satya what happened to him?

Satya says if he is doing this then he thought enough. They argue. Kareena enjoys their fight. Payal also looks on. Mahi tells Satya that she will leave the house. He asks her to go ahead.

Anupama tells everyone that Satya refused to go with them to chawl. Mahi and Satya come there. Raj asks them to pack their bags and says we will leave right now. Satya says this is our home and property, why we will leave. He says I have spent my life in chawl, but now I can’t have same troubles in my life. He says he is Khurana heir and says this is my house. I will not leave, will obey the rules of Kareena. Raj, Mahi and Mitul are shocked.

King of Hearts 18 February 2020 Update Anupama looks on. Satya says I will not go anywhere and got habitual to luxury life. Raj says you have gone mad. Satya says if you want, then I will leave, but I am saying this for the last time, that this is my house and I won’t leave. Raj tells Mahi that he couldn’t understand him. Mahi says we will leave from here.

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