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Joyce Meyer Today Devotional for 12th February 2021 – God Speaks So He Can Help Us

Joyce Meyer Today Devotional for 12th February 2021 - God Speaks So He Can Help Us

Joyce Meyer Today Devotional for 12th February 2021 – God Speaks So He Can Help Us

You are reading Today’s Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional for Friday 12th February 2021 written by Joyce Meyer to inspire and bless you. May the good God bless you real good.


SCRIPTURE FOR TODAY: …The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing. – Isaiah 10:27 (KJV)

Message: Joyce Meyer Today Devotional for 12th February 2021

When God speaks to you about an issue that needs to be dealt with in your life, don’t put it off. You can trust that His anointing—the power and ability of the Holy Spirit—is there to break the enemy’s grip on you. If you put off confronting the problem until you want to deal with it, it may be much harder than it would have been if you’d confronted it when God first led you to.

We often want to do things in our own timing, and we struggle and struggle because it’s not anointed by God at the time we’re trying to deal with it. For example, there are times when I feel like I want to confront an issue with an employee, but I know that it would be wiser for me to pray about it for a while and let God prepare that person’s heart.

When I follow God’s timetable, I always have His anointing to get it done. I have learned to deal with issues when God wants to deal with them and leave them alone when He wants me to wait. I’ve also had the frustrating experience of trying over and over to change myself without waiting on God’s help and timing. God’s anointing must be present for anything to work right in our lives.

When God convicts us about something that needs to change in our lives, that means He’s prepared us to face it. We may not feel like we’re ready, but we can trust that His timing is perfect and His anointing is there to break the yoke that’s hindering our full freedom. I’ve learned to say, “Lord, I may not feel ready, but if You say the time is now then I trust that Your power is with me; help me be obedient to You.” As you step out in faith to deal with issues, you’ll find that God’s wisdom, grace, power, and ability that you need are right there to empower you.

Prayer Starter: Lord, please help me hear Your voice and to do each thing You ask me to do in the right timing. Thank You for giving me the anointing and grace I need to grow today! In Jesus’ name, amen.

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