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Jodha Akbar 7 March 2020 Update

Jodha Akbar 7 March 2020 Update

Jodha Akbar 7 March 2020 Update Scene started with Jalal and Ruquaiya , Ruquaiya asked why he had gone to Amer. Jalal answered , to find out the battle strategy of the enemy. They resumed the game n Ruquaiya won the game. Then an eunuch came n interrupted them n requested Ruquaiya to come n solve some problem in the harem.

In the harem two women catfighting over some thing , when Ruquaiya entered. One of them is accusing Nazma of stealing her ring, which was gifted to her by Shahenshah, Ruyaiya ordered to search Nazma , n the ring was found. Ruyaiya saw the ring n slapped the woman who brought the charge , because it was Ruquaiya’s ring, given by Jalal, n she’d stolen it from RB. She said, Shahenshah has no heart n his mind is occupied by her.

It was shown that Akbar ,Bairam Khan n others are discussing over royal matters, on the other hand Rajputs are shown to be practicing sword fight. War is in the air. Jodha Akbar 7 March 2020 Update

Scene sifted, Maina Bati is going to the Kalai Mata temple , where Shaguni Bai is doing aarti of ma Kali. Maina Bati went to her n asked her help to change Jodha’s fate. She said no Rajput mother could tolerate such a grim fate of her daughter as her getting married to a Mughal.

She saw in flash back Jodha telling her about seeing Jalal’s reflection in water in gaangaur n Suryabhan postponing the marriage. She pleaded Shaguni bai saying Jodha was her daughter too. Shaguni bai said she was herself shocked reading Jodha’s fate n if it was possible she’d have done anything for Jodha.

She cut her palm, causing it to bleed n said to Maina bati ” See, the palm lines refuse to disappear. Go and arrange for Jodha’s wedding, time is short n you can’t do any thing.” Maina bati very very upset. She nearly breaks down on her way back.

Jodha Akbar 7 March 2020 Update

Maina bati inside her room, deep in thought, she struck upon some idea n her face lit happily, she wrote two letters promptly. Then she send them by the hands of a maid.

Scene sifted. ( Me grinning broadly ) Suryabhan coming across the river in a boat ( the scenery was just SURREAL, with a beautiful full moon, moon washed silver river n two very beautiful lovers ). Jodha came to the ghat accompanied by Moti Bai. ( Eye lock between Suryadha ).

Surya descened from the boat n asked Jodha why she’d asked him to meet so late at night. Jodha, puzzled, showed him a letter n said ” You’ve asked to meet by sending this letter. ” Surya produced a similar letter. Both utterly puzzled. Surya said the time is not good, war is approaching , it could be a plot by the mughals. We should be careful.

Jodha, please exchange your odni with Moti Bai so that if any one was following you, he’d get fooled. Jodha followed his instruction.

Jodha Akbar 7 March 2020 Update

Jodha n Surya started descending the steps of the ghat to ride the boat, but she slipped her feet n Surya caught her in his arms, ( Eye lock no. 2 ) both a little lost in each other n Jodha blushed. They FINALLY boarded the boat.

The boat is crossing the river , Surya –Jodha sitting close together, both looking at the moon. Surya broke the silence, ” Jodha ,promise me if any thing happens to me in war ,you’d marry some one else.” Jodha said, ” I know nothing will happen to you. You’re fighting for the land n such people never die. ” The boat jerked suddenly n she fell on Surya’s lap , who hold her ( Eye lock no. 3 ! their bgm in the back ground, this time a female version) ( The same lost-in-each-other-blush-awkwardness-following…etc on
They resumed the conversion. Surya said “You know my life is at risk. You’ve to promise me if any thing happens to me, you’ll marry some one else. But I’ll wait for you all my life. ” Jodha said, ” I’ll wait for you, I know you’ll return for me. ” Surya said, ” I’m giving you my word, no matter what I’ll return for you. ”

The boat jerked n Jodha again fell on his lap n Surya hold her ( Eyelock no. 4 , or may be 5 ? I lost count, okay ?? Rest , copy-pasting -( The same lost-in-each-other-blush-awkwardness-following…etc.) They noticed they’re joining hands, both blushed n slowly un-entwined their hands. Jodha full on blush blush. ( me too ! )

( This time Surya seemed to have realized that other people were present in the boat lolz) He said, ” This is not proper, me touching you in this way. ” Jodha smiled n sad, ” It’s my honor that you’re tending to me” ( eyelock no. infinity I guess )
The boat FINALLY crossed the small river after infinite time. ( must be helping the lovers to spend sometime together! )

Surya holding Jodha’s hand, aiding her to descend on the ghat. Raja Bharmaal n Rani Maina bati reached the ghat n witnessed it . Jodha –Surya happily came up n froze when they saw Jodha’s parents. ( Bharmaal looked shocked n angry, Maina Bati –gleeful, it was her master plan after all ! ) Surya-Jodha both looked guilty n the ending screen froze on their face. Jodha Akbar 7 March 2020 Update

Raja Bhaarmal is furious after seeign Jodha and Sujamal together.Jodha tries to justify the act by saying that letters were sent in their names.Bhaarmal still isn’t pleased.Desperately trying to make her parents understand,she goes to her mother and begs her to trust her.

But Menavati also pretends to be angry.Deeply hurt,Jodha leaves.Bhagwan Das suggests that it is best to get them married as soon as possible. Bhaarmal agrees,but he is still unsure as to how to make Suryabaan understand the need of the hour. Jodha Akbar 7 March 2020 Update

Menavati tells them that she’ll talk to Suryabaan .Bhaarmal is skeptical at first,but then agrees. Menavati goes to talk to Suryabaan. But he still sticks to his word.Desperate,Menavati begs him to agree to get married to Jodha before the war,Suryabaan,feels for the mother and finally agrees,because he couldn’t disrespect the queen.

Cut to,Sujamal is shown shown practising sword fighting with some of his soldiers.He had put together an army of his won and believed that unless each and every soldier needed to be as good as him in sword fighting,so that they could declare war against Amer.But none of the soldiers seemed good enough.Meanwhile,a soldier comes and informs him that Shareefuddin and his army seemed close-by. They were hunting. Sujamal quizzes him about how many men might he have behind Shareefuddin etc.The soldier replies “12,0000″.One soldier(seemed like a senapati) tells Sujamal that Shareefuddin had not lost a single war till date.He was known as Jalal’s right hand.

Meanwhile,focus shifts to Agra.The mughal baawarji khaana(kitchen) is shown.An aged hindu woman is shown searching for something.One of the mughal ladies politely asks her what she was doing here?Before she could answer,one lady announces Maham Anga’s arrival to the kitchen.Everybody seemed a bit scared.The lady hides the hindu lady behind her.

Jodha Akbar 7 March 2020 Update

Maham Anga sees the hindu lady though.She questions her,the hindu lady says that she had come in search of her kaali maa pendant.Maham Anga simply walks around and finds the pendant.She picks it up with a khanjar(a long knife like thing) and places it in front of the hindu lady’s eyes.The lady fears.

All of a sudden,Maham Anga throws the pendant(along with its chain) into a vessel containing hot boiling water.She pulls the hindu lady and asks her to remove it now.The lady doesn’t.Maham Anga questions her belief in the Almighty,she shoots out angrily and then leaves.

The hindu lady is left there crying,she then puts her hand into the hot water and removes.Her hand was burnt,she was prfusely crying.the mughal lady comes,asks her to apply malam(medicine) and consoles her.

Menavati is shown doing all the preparations for the wedding.The grandmother gets to know that it was Menavati who had sent those letters to Jodha and Suryabaan.She verfies,but doesn’t ask why.

Jalal is shown entering Ruqaiya’s chamber.He was impatiently waiting for her,but she was nowhere to be seen.He is seen walking around the chamber,he finally picks up some beverage for himself and then lyes down on the bed.

*He was seen in the light blue sherwaani.His hair the usual fluffy “hawaa mein udta jaaye” thingy isssh!this handsome munda! * After sometimes Ruqaiya arrives with a plate of food and some beverages in her hand. She smiles at Jalal as she enters.She then adds some toppings to the beverages. Jodha Akbar 7 March 2020 Update

Meanwhile,Jalal questions her about her whereabouts in a very ‘nok-jhok’ kinda tone *It was so cute! * He tells her he had been waitinf for her sicne what seemed like eternity

Ruqaiya simply giggles it off.She looks up at him,only to see his feet on the bed. She tells him,that no matter how great a baadshah he is,he still behaves like a ‘bandar’.

Like how all lovers have their sweet silly fights,Jalal and Ruqaiya have a fight too.* adorable they looked <3 * She then orders him to keep his foot down,since he was wearing his shoes in a ‘singsong’ tone.Jalal looks at her for a while,then,so as to tease her,he rubs his foot repeatedly (along with the shoe) against the bedsheet. He was amused looking at her,she seemed irritated.

Both of them keep fighting like how they did when they were kids. The scene signified that their relationship was strong,since they had known each other since childhood. They both then fall on the bed giggling (Their heads opposite to each other,jalal facing west,ruqaiya north :p ahem ) Jalal says that he had known her all his life,she was so tiny back then and now she was all ‘javaan’.

Ruqaiya agrees and describes to him,they in some ways,they both were very much similar. If he was the ‘shahenshah’,she was ‘mallika’.If he controls the ‘siyasat’,she controls the internal politics of the ‘harem’. Since all the begums kept fighting over who is supreme.

She had to maintain that Rquaiya was the shahenshah’s favourite wife. Jalal’s eyes turn softer and he pulls her close,he tells her that she was his ‘sabse chaheeti begum’,’meri bachpan ki dost’,she was HIS RUQAIYA. He then teases by calling her by her petname, with which she was addressed in her childhood. He holds her chin and repeatedly chants her petname ‘gatti’.

Jodha Akbar 7 March 2020 Update Ruqaiya frowns and says that only he could call her by that name.Jalal says ofcourse,he was her husband afterall. Meanwhile,Maham Anga secretly enters the chamber,Ruqaiya notices someone and then throws a show.She yells and asks her’how dare she enter?”. Ruqaiya didn’t know who it was though. Jalal asks her what happened,to which she says,some maid must have come. They then lie down again.

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