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Jodha Akbar 29th March 2020 Zee World Series

Jodha Akbar 29th March 2020 Zee World Series

Jodha Akbar 29th March 2020 Zee World Series Jalal is with Salima and holds her and says don’t hesitate you are my wife I have the right on you and your love Salima says yes. Jalal says, you loved Khan baba? as he loved you a lot Salima doesn’t respond to his question and says some questions has no answers Jalal says but If husband asks any question then-wife has to give an answer and lays down Salima on the bed she closes her and says you are my husband and answer is yes Jalal says then why did nikkah with me I fulfilled My responsibilities but I never came to your room as you were khan baba’s wife but today you didn’t think about him when getting closer to me?

She says because I can’t stop you, you are my husband Jalal says so you choose your current husband over your dead husband whom you loved and present that box to her, ask her to eat it she says if you are presenting this then I surely will eat she is about to eat when Jalal stops and says no you are not the one.

Jodha Akbar 29th March 2020 Zee World Series

Scene 2
adham says i think i know the real culprit maham ask who adham says you, only you have guts to do it so please spill the beans now and trust me i will be happy if you did it as then it will be shown that you love more, then jalal and you did for my future maham is angry.

Jodha Akbar 28th March 2020

Scene 3
jalal gets up from bed, salima says i didnt get it he says i wanted to know something and got it. He places her dupatta on her head and says you were khan baba’s respect, you are and you will be i am sorry for all this salima is still confused so jalal says someon tried to trap you and failed , man can be wrong one time but if twice then he is a fool which i am not, first he trapped jodha now you but i will find him, he leaves.

Scene 4
maham says to adham are you mad , to show that i love you i will do such thing, i didnt brought jalal to this world but i have given him feed and this allegation is disgrace to my loyality with jalal, there is between you and jalal , you doubted on me and if jalal find any clue against he will not ask me.

She ask him to leave and cries, she sadly sits on bed and says i dont know what is the truth but this is true that i love my son more than anyone more than jalal and remember adham’s bitter words where he throws maham away says go and bring jalal’s heir to this world so that he will become big and get the throne and me i will be just his servant.

He ask her to leave, maham comes to him and caresses his face fb ends. She says how to tell you that only i am behind this conspiracy in fb it is shown that it was maham who brought that box from that man then we maham stealthily put that dathura in many boxes of kesar brought for ruks when salima comes asking for rahim maham handles her and sends her off Then she discovers that the box was missing.

Scene 5
ruks is dressing her wound in her room when jodha comes and ask about her wound ruks says about which wound you are talking about that on hand or on heart. Jodha says you saved me.. Ruks sends hoshiyar out and says to see around herself before talking about political issues and ask the reason for coming jodha says i wanted to thank you ruks says i said earlier that i have the authority of this harem and jalal’s mind if i didnt stop him that night you would have.. Jodha says question is why you stopped him?

Earlier you were against me and i think now you know the real culprit ruks says its not your concern jodha says it is he trapped me and brought disgrace to my family so i have to know ruks says you are not so clever to understand political issue nor you have the right to know, go and celebrate your freedom jodha says because of him suffered much, me and my family suffered house arrest,

Sukaniya’s groom got killed, ruks says because I saved you that doesnt mean you have become important part here and you have no importance in jalal’s life also, and refuses to tell her anything and sends her away with her questions as no one was allowed to interrupt queen in her sleep n rest. Jodha Akbar 29th March 2020 Zee World Series

Scene 6
In her room Maham is worried about her missing box She thinks of finding out who had it As she would be caught Maham goes to meet Jalal in his room .. And questions why he released Jodha from arrest .Jalal tells her that he had found out she was not culprit ..

Maham wants to know who what was the clue he had As she is minister she had the rights to know Jalal says he had decided he would not share his clue with any one but Maham was different He decides to show her Maham is shocked to see the box in Jalal’s hand .

maham is stunned seeing that box in jalal’s hand and says this is just a box what does it proves, jalal says its not just a box but there is proof of my heir’s killing in it, dathura was brought in it and ruks drank it and this will take me to the real culprit

Maham panics little and ask from where you got it means from the person you’ve got it must be the culprit jalal says i have full faith that person hasnt done this crime and now time will tell me the real culprit, you take rest and leaves from there, maham thinks this box is same and how jalal got it and which person he was talking about whom he cant doubt and the person who have that place in his life is only me, she is hell shocked.

Scene 2 Jodha Akbar 29th March 2020 Zee World Series
jodha is doing aarti of lord when servant announces that jalal is ariving here, jalal comes, remembers when jodha asked to not come in her wearing shoes he remove his shoes and waits till the pooja got over. He takes the aarti and shows the box and asks if she knows about it. She says no, Jalal says do your brothers know about it she retorts go ask them they are in agra jalal says i am doubting you

Jodha says you doubted us captured us and destroyed my dignity jalal says i know you and your brothers are not culprit thats why i have given your brother ministry of state and i have given you freedom with full honor jodha breaks the glass and says honor and dignity are like this glass once broken cant be mend and if you mend it even then there will broken line visible on it, jalal ask servant to bring these pieces in my room and says jodha that i will give you answer, leaves after glancing and wearing his shoes.

Scene 3
maham, hamida and some aunties are sitting when one ask maham that in jalal’s childhood only you were there for him maham says yes hamida and king humayun were underground so me and bairam khan was there for him, hamida says thd news of humayun’s death was kept in secret and some other man sat on the throne as humayun because if enemies got to know that Humayun died

And jalal is not palace they would have attacked, maham is thoughtful and says i am thinking who killed jalal’s child hamida says i think jalal knows him thats why he freed jodha maham ask then why he didnt announce his name some lady answer he knows better maham is thinking and leaves, lady says maham is hiding something i know her.

Scene 4
Javida(maham’s daughter in law) is blabbering saying i pray that eagles eats his meat who killed ruks child maham is irritated, Javida says i know who killed the child maham ask what are you saying ravida says he must be very close to jalal like you , the one whom nobody can doubt maham thinks some evil plan and says you are she must be someone whom nobody can doubt, you have killed the child Javida is stunned and says i even cant kill an ant so how can i kill a child.

Maham says you have the reason by killing jalal’s child your and adham’s child will get throne Ravida says i cant conspire that much and our child will be jalal’s right hand not the king, maham says if you talk about this topic again then doubt will be on you Javida says i will not talk about it anymore and leaves, mahan have a sigh of relief

Scene 5
Bhagwan Das tells Bharmal to return to Amer, but Bharmal says that till the culprit is not found till then Amer’s lost respect is not returned back. They praise Maan Singh too and he in turns praises Jodha. All of them decide to return Jodha once Jalal realizes his mistakes. Jodha Akbar 29th March 2020 Zee World Series

Scene 6
Jodha meets Salima and they discuss about the box and come to know that someone is trying to frame both of them. Salima says that Jalal is investigating into the matter. Jalal is pondering over what, how and who has done the misdeed.

Jodha Akbar 29th March 2020 Jalal is holding the box when Rahim comes and sees the box, he goes and confesses to Jodha, how he was playing and hid behind a piller/box and watched Maham mixing kesar when Salima came, he got out, took the box. He tells Jodha that now the box is with Jalal and he will imprison him for stealing the box. Jodha is shocked to know that Maham is responsible for Ruks Miscarriage.

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