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Jodha Akbar 11 March 2020 Update

Jodha Akbar 11 March 2020 Update

Jodha Akbar 11 March 2020 Update on Zee World

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Jodha and her brothers are playing luddo and having gala time together. Parents are happy to see them enjoying and says all are busy to make jodha happy and make her smile . Parents mourn over the fact why girls grow so fast. Brothers deliberately loses the game to make jodha win and jodha says never lose.

Rukiya says she is very clever she made a normal man prime minister and now he is her servant. Rukiya says beware of maham anga. She comes and rukiya says come play chess with me. And to disscuss the talk which was abrupted earlier. Rukiya keeps taunting her that you are clever player and maham says what you wanna ask so rukiya talks about bahudur khan that he is on her side now maham says everybody need to work side by side. Rukiya makes her remember her limits which she expanding due to adham khan. Now maham leaves.

Adham is enjoying mujra(girls dance) he is drinking one of his man comes and tells about bairam khan that he is staying somewhere. Adham ask to take his massage to some pathan.

Suryaban’s family come to amer to do fix marriage date. Jodha comes and see. Date of on-going month is fixed for marriage. Mother queen says she want jodha to take blessing from some temple and king agrees.

Sujamal disscussing war strategies with jalal’s men and he says we have to work hard and to increase our force to attack amer. Jalal man says sujamal you dream about being amer’s king but this belongs to our king jalal only.

Malwa’s(correct me if wrong) king is very cruel and jalal says he will go there. Maham anga stops him and says send forces. Jalal ask under who?maham ask to send forces but jalal ask after khan baba whom to trust? She says adham khan.. Maham says not because he is my son but he is warrior jalal agrees and announces adham will lead forces.

Maham informs about malwa to adham but he is reluctant and maham says she will talk about bakshi after this. Jeveeda(adham wife) comes and praises maham and keeps talking. Maham makes him see the green garden with full of fruits.

Jodha is doing puja at temple. Shaguni bai comes so mother goes to her she warns her again about jodha’s fate but mother is confident over suryaban. Shaguni laughs and says see what fate has for her.

Maham ask why you are tensed adham says bad news. Maham starts crying. Jalal is missing khan baba he was always there for me. Maham anga comes and cries jalal ask what happened I never saw you crying. Jalal insists so maham says bairam khan is no more. Jalal remember him and how he made him king. Jalal shouts and cries out loud. He remembers his last words and cries badly on floor.

Jalal is crying inconsolably, MA tells him to gather himself as he is the king, she informs him that BK has been killed.Jalal is agitated and tells MA that the person,who was responsible for the killing, he wants him dead or alive. Ruks leave to sort out some fightings in harem, she is listening to some lady when MA sorts her and asks her to concentrate on Jalal. Both Ruks and MA have a fight about who is right/wrong, MA warns Ruks of her behavior.

Jodha Akbar 11 March 2020 Update on Zee World

Jalal is offering prayers and asks God to fulfill BK’s last wish: he becoming the shehenshah. On the other hand, Jodha also prays to Kali ma.

The festivities have started at Jodha’s place and Bharmal is ordering people around for distributing cards. Everyone is offering sweets to Jodha and the brothers tease Jodha. Bharmal comes with the card and shows to everyone.

Mughals were proceeding towards Amer, Bharmal announces to start the preparation for war. Someone informs that Sujamal is on Mughal’s side. The Rajputs decide to kill Sujamal if they find him. Jodha is furious at Sujamal’s act. Jodha’s bhabhi comes and ask to get ready for Jauhar.Jodha says that her 4 brothers will defeat the Mughals.

The Rajputs get ready for the war, the ladies put tilak and aarti.

Bharmal gets a reality check as his troop is less in comparison with the Mughals and thinks that he has to do something about it. Sujamal and one of the brother come face to face in the battle.Shareefuddin also joins in with another platoon.Bhanpur sena also joins in, Sujamal notices Suryabhan and tells Sharifuddin comes to know that SB is getting married to Jodha.

At dusk, Sujamal asks Sharif not to kill SB but Sharif gives him two options–either he kills SB or forget Amer’s throne.

Jodha’s mother is preparing herself for the idea of Jauhar, lightining and thunder strike and she says that looks like Shaguni’s word is coming true. She hands a potion of poison to Jodha and asks her to prepare herself too.

Amer group is preparing for war that is next day and ask to increase fighter suryaban comes and says not needed he alone can fight and he have one aim to crush them all ask how you reached so fast in field he says know shortcuts of mewat. They say mughals are much greater in number but suryaban says they have high spirit which is needed against their huge force and they fight to save king’s order, for their land. And shows them all the strategy that he has planned.

In amer all women are happy to know that suryaban is taking part in war against mughals jodha is happy mother says found new son in suryaban as lost sujamal jodha says and the best part is he hates mughals as much as I do. Dadi says go and sleep we’ll do puja next day jodha says they gonna win this war as suryaban is them also now. In morning all are set to start the war mughal vs suryaban and co. War starts fight and killing is in full swing .

Sujamal sees suryaban and prays to protect him and says can’t kill sis’s to be husband. Suryaban comes to suja and says how nasty warrior you are suja says can’t attack sis would be surya says you are jodha’s brother but betrayed your land so can’t spare you. They start fighting with swords and surya lost his grip.

Here in amer all are doing puja and jodha says this flower is not for puja go and bring other one. Moti says not allowed to go outside. Do puja(prayer) with this flower. Jodha says my heart is not ready this puja is very important.

Sujamal has his sword on the neck of suryaban he ask why you stopped kill me but sujamal doesn’t budge and he remember his promise to jodha that he will to her wedding. Suryaban gets up and suddenly sword passes from his body from back he sulks and sujamal remember jodha again. Suryaban looks back and sees mughal lead who is laughing. He tells sujamal this was your work but you didn’t complete so I had to don’t you want amer’s throne now suja gets back to fight and again mughal attacks suryaban on his head and separate it from his body. Suryban is announced dead.

Voiceover-mughals attacks from back while rajput fights with pride and from front. Sujamal comes and cries and says I can’t see jodha ever again I am her criminal. All brothers are shocked to see suryaban without head dead all cries. Mughals take sujamal away saying you are not safe her.

Diya in amer is off one by one jodha comes and tries to safe the lit. And says i will not let Darkness come in amer. Dadi comes jodha is tensed as the breeze is high and tells the same to dadi who says nothing bad will happen dont worry. Mother comes and says i have full trust on my sons. Amer will remain full of lights jodha is right. They prays but diya falls away all stunned. Jodha Akbar 11 March 2020 Update

Jalal is happy that sharifudden attacked amer which he wanted. Maham ask what lies in amer you should think about india not a single small state. But jalal says there is something spacial there maham ask what?jalal says that is not in agra not in whole India and he will get it anyway.

Sharifudden(mughal lead in war) has 3 rujput brothers that are being arrested. He ask to bow down as you lost but they say they wont so he says will separate your head they say as you wish but amer will be proud on us then we see a head inside cloth of suryaban mughal throws that away and says will crush your proud. You all will see what mughals can do.

In amer, they see some mughals coming and thinks mughal attacked amer. Everybody started taking their positions and women goes in safe place. But mughals just throws away head with letter at gate and goes away. It is from sharifudden one prince read it out that they won the war now we will decide amer’s future you have to come to us otherwise we will your three princes and their end will be same as…he stops so King ask to read further want to know their warning so can answer back tight. But prince drops the letter and look back at jodha who is listening intently. Jodha Akbar 11 March 2020 Update

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