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Gangaa 28th February 2020 Update

Gangaa 28th February 2020 Update starts as RIya follows Ganga and says whatever Pratab said isn’t wrong, why doesn’t she speak to Shiv. Ganga asks why doesn’t Shiv speak by himself, if Shiv has to marry Aasha he must tell her and she would leave. Riya asks if she really thinks Shiv would marry Aasha and let her go, only because Aasha resembles Parvati.

Ganga thinks about Shiv’s appreciation. Riya says its a mistake of both of them, but she wants to question Ganga if she is ready to start a new life with Shiv if he wills to live with her. Shiv was hearing this from upstairs. Ganga was lost for a while, upset and confused. Riya says Ganga knows well Shiv won’t let her leave, Shiv takes care of her and loves her; would she reply to Shiv that she doesn’t accept this proposal. Ganga recalls all the care from Shiv for herself. Ganga turns around to see Shiv and Aasha speak to each other, Aasha takes the advantage and takes Shiv to speak to her. Ganga goes inside. Riya thinks she has got the answers.

Gangaa 28th February 2020 Update

Shiv comes to the room and prepares his beddings on the floor then lay down to sleep. Ganga was worried about Savitri’s fast, thinking she would get unwell if she doesn’t break her fast. The next morning, Jhumki asks Pratab if he isn’t worried for Savitri who hasn’t eaten anything. Shiv comes to Savitri with a glass of water. Savitri denies taking it, she then asks Pratab to remove water pot from here as well.

Shiv says he won’t move until Savitri drinks this water and insists on her to take it. Savitri wonders if there is something in it. Jhumki says Shiv mixed some herbs in it. Shiv says he has mixed some ayurvedic medicine for Savitri’s energy. A servant comes to inform Pandit has arrived. Savitri says day after tomorrow is the 7th day, either Shiv must start a new life with Ganga or get engaged to Aasha.

They silently watch the preparations of engagement. Shiv says if Savitri gets unwell, he would force the doctor to give her feed through drip. Kushal signals Savitri who deters to take poison even if doctor enters this house.

At night, Aasha comes to kitchen wondering if there won’t be any food. Jhumki comes there saying Riya and Ganga don’t want to cook because Savitri isn’t supervising. Aasha watches Ganga coming towards the kitchen. Jhumki tells Aasha that Ganga doesn’t like her step mother in law. Gangaa 28th February 2020 Update

Aasha tells Jhumki she will become her favorite sister in law. Ganga curtly hears Aasha, then wonders why is she angry at whatever Aasha says. She comes to the hall to collect Radhika’s books. Shiv comes from behind with a herbal medicinal powder. Ganga slips, Shiv holds her in his arms and wonders if it has got into Ganga’s eyes. He forbids her to wash the eye, cleans it with cotton and puts some eye drops. He leaves the eye drops there and tells her to pour them if her eyes hurt. Ganga smiles when Shiv has left.

The next morning, Ganga arrives at Math. The ladies and children were waiting for her. She was lost in thoughts about Shiv’s care for her. She smiles as she watches Shiv sitting with the students. Her vision blurs at once and realizes Shiv wasn’t there. A student asks Ganga what they would study, Ganga was confused. The ladies suggest they will come tomorrow if Ganga isn’t well. Ganga dismiss the class.

Jhumki asks Ganga who gave her so much money for renovation of her school. Ganga says an NGO sent the money. Jhumki asks if she has some address or came across them, Ganga says she has a well wisher who might have liked her act. Jhumki wonders where this well wisher came from.

Aasha comes to Shiv in the hall and tells her to do what she asks him to. Shiv wonders till when they would keep on pressurizing Ganga. Aasha says they must help her find her way. SHe inquires if there is something about him that Ganga doesn’t know. Shiv says Ganga doesn’t know he can play a guitar. Aasha was excited and tells him to wait for the the evening, Shiv and Ganga insist on Savitri to eat now.

Savitri tells them to decide about thier lives with each other. Shiv leaves. Aasha brings some wood sticks. Everyone else also comes there. Aasha says this is an act of making Savitri happy, this way she won’t fall ill. Jhumki murmurs to Ganga that Aasha is trying to be a daughter in law, she will soon control Savitri. Ganga goes to stand away from Jhumki. Gangaa 28th February 2020 Update

Aasha brings a videogame for Radhika. Radhika cheers thankfully, Ganga returns the gift saying Radhika won’t study if she plays all day. Aasha promises to take Radhika for vacation, Ganga interfers Radhika has exams and she has to prepare for them. Savitri thinks Ganga must have left the house by now, what if this fast costs her much. Shiv comes there. Aasha gifts him a Kurta.

Shiv says he isn’t used to taking gifts since years now. Aasha points that Parvati told her Shiv can play guitar. Radhika insists on Shiv to play it again. Shiv finally agrees. They make a bon fire, Radhika asks Shiv to sing as well.

Shiv plays guitar and everyone enjoy his singing ‘Jabb Koi Baat Bigar Jaye’. Ganga was about to take on the female vocals when Aasha begins to sing. Ganga was irked. Kushal and Riya discuss that if Shiv confess his love to Ganga tonight she won’t be able to deny.

Pratab looks around in the Math. He finds out that Ganga got the cheque not from any NGO but from Shiv. Shiv has given this cheque to an NGO.

Jhumki says Ganga doesn’t realize Shiv is going crazy behind her. Jhumki was determined to destroy the lives of Shiv and Ganga now, she would make a blast. She turns to tell Ganga about her well wisher. Pratab stops her saying they will make a blast now.Ganga speaks to Parvati’s photo in the room confused about what should be done by her.

Shiv tells Kushal to arrange for a doctor for Savitri. Kushal says no one would argue if Shiv announces any decision. Shiv says this isn’t easy. Kushal thinks he has already won Ganga’s heart.The next morning, Savitri was in the bed. She thinks about doing something today else this fasting would kill her.

Ganga brings tea for her. Savitri walks downstairs and faints in the yard. Everyone gathers. Shiv tells Kushal to call the doctor. Savitri forbids Kushal not to do so. Shiv holds her up on the chair. Savitri reminds them its the 7th day, she wants to know about her real daughter in law today. Ganga suggests they must take Savitri to hospital. Shiv tells Savitri that by tonight she would know who her real daughter in law is. Savitri smiles.Pratab takes Savitri inside for rest.In the room, Savitri tells Pratab and Jhumki that now Shiv must announce his decision. Shiv won’t marry Aasha and Ganga won’t agree to marry Shiv.

Ganga comes to the yard and watches Shiv and Aasha making floral arrangements in the yard. She comes to Shiv. Shiv hands her a diary to call the light man, there is much of the work to be done. Ganga again comes to Shiv. Shiv doesn’t hear, he tells Ganga to get the curtains changed and takes Kushal aside. In the room, Kushal notes Shiv’s instructions. Riya asks the reason for this arrangement.

Shiv says he could never tell Ganga what was in his heart, but today he wants to show Ganga he will fill her life with happiness only.Later, Kushal and Riya come to the hall with all the desired items from market. Riya and Kushal discuss about the gifts they brought for Ganga.

Gangaa 28th February 2020 Update Shiv hands Kushal a gift for Ganga from him, Kushal was moved watching school property papers after Ganga’s name. Shiv thinks today he wants to tell Ganga she is a gift from Sagar, but he would keep Sagar’s memories alive while walking the path of life.

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