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Gangaa 20 February 2020 U

Gangaa 20 February 2020 Update starts as Shiv tells Ganga only he has a right to punish her, she has crossed all the limits for which she must pay a huge cost. He turns around to watch Ganga cry, he forbids Ganga that Aashi must never know she was the one to burn Aashi’s dream and this Mandap. He doesn’t want her shadows of hatred over Aashi anymore, she respects Ganga a lot.

In the hospital, Jhumki thinks it’s a good chance she tell Aashi that Ganga did this all. She was sure Savitri would throw Ganga out of the house. Kushal comes to warn Jhumki not to tell anyone about Ganga, Ganga is a lawyer and won’t spare her otherwise. He says Jhumki had been thinking quite loud.

Ganga comes to her room and finds it decorated all around. Shiv enters the room and says today he would do what he must have done really earlier. Ganga will remember for life long what he is going to do tonight. Ganga turns to leave. Shiv says today, he would turn her fear of marriage into a truth. Ganga tries to run away, Shiv forbids her try and run. Ganga says she accepts her mistake, and no matter what he does she won’t let him have a right over herself. He sits beside her on bed saying a whole night is left right now.

Gangaa 20 February 2020 Update

Ganga goes to sit at a corner. Shiv goes at the other corner and watches Ganga awake with much difficulty. She soon falls asleep by placing her head with the side table. Shiv walks near to her and wonders why she makes him behave so badly to her. His tear fell off her hand. He covers her with her Saree Pallu and leave the room.The next morning, Shiv throws a glass filled with water over Ganga.

She wakes up at once. Shiv says Aashi got a discharge from hospital, it’s her farewell bidding. He warns Ganga not to let Aashi know she did all this, and tells her to get ready. Ganga comes out ready. Shiv looks towards her and makes her up well. Riya comes to take them outside, as all the preparations have been completed.Aashi cries hugging everyone in her family.

She assures Radhika that Ganga is now here for her to play, she is really nice. Radhika accepts and gives a high five to Aashi. Radhika then comes to Ganga, her hand aches. She was worried if these marks would affect her future life.

Ganga assures she has always done well in life, she will get good as well. She forbids Aashi touch her feet saying she isn’t worthy, then hugs Aashi. Aashi requests Ganga to turn as earlier, who would keep this family gathered and united. Ganga blesses Aashi to live happy in her life. Shiv comes to Aashi to take her into the car. Savitri tells her to stay happy always and keep good care of her in laws.

Ganga runs into the room and cries that she won’t be able to forgive herself for whatever happened. She thinks about Shiv. Shiv stood behind her at the door and says he won’t spare her so easily, she would continue getting her punishment. Ganga calls Riya and Kushal for help. Shiv says no one is home right now, he has sent everyone to temple. Ganga tries to run but the door had been locked.

Ganga cries as she clutches his collar and asks why he doesn’t let her live her life with her own will. Shiv says if she can’t bear anymore she must give up. He would teach her the way she must live with him. He clutches her face then drags her to a shed. He says she would fix this all, and he won’t help her. Ganga says she must better die than to take his help. Shiv warns she won’t get anything to eat until she is finished

Shiv turns to leave the shed hurtful of his behavior. He says he has been doing this all so that she is confused into her own self and doesn’t get time to miss Krishna.Ganga was upset and decides she can’t do this all. Shiv returns to save her way with a knife and tells her to get to work.

Gangaa 20 February 2020 Update  Ganga turns around to work. Shiv eats apple sitting on a side, while supervising Ganga’s work. While eating he says it’s really sweet. Ganga curtly thinks she has been dying of hunger and he is eating apple. She walks towards the kitchen. Shiv smiles behind.In the kitchen, she finds nothing to eat. She wonders what to do and drinks a jug full of water. Shiv comes behind to stop her from drinking any water. Gang questions how can he be such stone hearted.

Shiv demands her to plead him, he will even feed her with the meal. Ganga says she would die thirsty but won’t join her hands to him. She leaves the kitchen. Shiv wonders why she has been stubborn. Shiv says even he won’t drink a single drop of water until she has it.

In the shed, Shiv watches Ganga try to place a wood pillar under the shed roof. Shiv says he would help her only if she says “please”. Ganga walks towards him and removes the staircase from under him. She drags it towards her side. Shiv tells her to try this way as well. Ganga slips from over the stairs, Shiv comes to save her but she held her eyes shut tightly; then realizes herself to be in Shiv’s arms. He says she might have said a ‘please’. She demands him to place her back, Shiv drops her down.

Ganga says it was not to throw her down on floor. Shiv comes to place the wooden pillar under the roof. A workman brings the cow. Shiv watches Ganga wash her hands and asks her to milk the cow. Ganga says she doesn’t know how to do it, Shiv says she would soon learn about it and urges her to try. Ganga was afraid of the cow as it moves. Shiv laughs wondering if she is milking the cow, or cow is taking the oil from her.

The cow turns around towards Ganga, she runs screaming and comes to clutch Shiv tightly. She then goes hiding behind Shiv and leaves his hand. Shiv laughs at Ganga then goes to bring the cow back. Ganga stand in a corner.

At night, Ganga comes in and asks Riya about Kushal, the bulb of her room fused. Riya says Shiv is here, should she call him. Ganga wasn’t ready to take his help and comes to Jhumki’s room. Jhumki denies sending Pratab for her help. Shiv stops Ganga saying he is there for her help, she must only say a word please to him. Ganga leaves silently. She comes to the room and climbs the stool by herself.

She gets an electric shock, the bulb breaks in her hand and hurts her hand. Shiv comes to remove the pieces of glass off her hand, tears fell off her eyes. Shiv thinks he wants to help Ganga but has to hold himself back. He decides not to fell weak, else Ganga’s life would be saddened again.

Ganga finds the medicine in the drawer by then, she was struggling with the bottle. Shiv snatches the bottle and asks with whose permission she took this medicine. Ganga asks if he is a vet, she will pay for it. Shiv says he might help her if she says a word Please. Ganga’s flinches in pain. Shiv holds her hand saying it seems a piece of glass is still there. Ganga drags her hand saying he must not effected, as he isn’t a vet so late.

Gangaa 20 February 2020 Update  Radhika comes to the room and begins to cry watching Ganga’s blo*dy hand. Shiv comes to bandage Ganga’s hand. Radhika asks Ganga if it is still painful. Ganga denies. She asks Ganga to come to her room. Shiv promises to return Ganga’s happiness back to her soon.

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