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Gangaa 19 February 2020 Update – Zee World

Gangaa 19 February 2020 Update - Zee World

Gangaa 19 February 2020 starts as the ladies dance during the henna function of Aashi. Ganga watches Shiv looking towards her. The henna lady asks Ganga to come for henna application. Ganga says she can’t get henna, she has a lot to do. In the evening, the girls were teasing Aashi.

A girl asks Ganga to show her mehndi, Ganga says she didn’t get the henna. She turns her hands to see color of henna applied on her hands, another girl says this shows Shiv’s love for her. Ganga says she couldn’t know when this get into her hands, and recalls taking the earring from henna. The ladies there say it’s a good shagun. Shiv laughs.

Gangaa 19 February 2020 Update – Zee World

Ganga comes to wash her hands outside. Shiv stops her there and congratulates her about her second ritual. There is henna on her hand. Ganga says it was undeliberate, there haven’t been any wedding vows or rounds yet. Shiv says his ultimatum time hasn’t ended yet, this marriage would surely take place. He turns Ganga’s hand and drags her close to himself thinking he doesn’t want this at all.

Ganga resists and withdraws herself, her blouse was stuck with a nail. Shiv was worried and tries to help but she doesn’t let him. Shiv moves closer and removes the blouse off the hook. He stops her and covers her back with her dress saying he can’t let her go to guests like this. Ganga tells him to put medicine over his hand. Shiv offers her to put it by herself if she cares. Ganga leaves without replying.

The next morning, Aashi finds Shiv crying. Shiv says he was only thinking this is her last day here. Aashi hugs Shiv and thanking isn’t enough for what he has and what he is doing for her. Shiv says it’s a responsibility as an elder brother, he would hold this responsibility till his last breath.

Nothing is important for him than her happiness. He tickles Aashi to make her laugh and asks about wedding preparations. Shiv says he got two Mandap for her, in the inner one there would be all the rituals performed and in the other would be the wedding rounds. Riya comes to take Aashi for Haldi ritual.

During the Haldi ritual, Aashi calls Ganga as well. Ganga says she already has much of it applied. Jhumki tells Aashi that Ganga isn’t happy about her wedding at all. Ganga thinks she can’t participate in the ritual because of Shiv. Radhika comes to take Ganga as Shiv’s injury has been bleeding. Dadi sends Ganga with a herbal medicine.Shiv was getting mandap ready. Gangaa 19 February 2020 Update – Zee World

Gangaa sends Radhika away and says this was a trick to call her. Shiv was in disbelief about her thought. Ganga slips over Shiv and the stage decoration fell over both of them. Shiv laughs watching Ganga bathed in Haldi and says the third ritual has been accomplished. Dadi comes to make up Ganga to accept God’s will. Ganga wasn’t ready to accept. Dadi tells Shiv that Ganga is really stubborn, but would agree on a day. Jhumki over hear this and wonders if Dadi also knows about Ganga’s reality.

At night, Shiv appreciates the workers for their fees, happy about their work of Mandap decoration. He was sure to fulfil Aashi’s dream of wedding rounds.

Jhumki thinks Shiv must have got this mandap decorated for his and Ganga’s wedding. She decides to break the bomb to Ganga.

In the room, Ganga was worried as she got ready. Jhumki comes to tell her Shiv has prepared a special Mandap for her outside, where their wedding would take place. She asks if Shiv has prepared for wedding night as well. Ganga tells her to shut up. Jhumki tells her to go and check for it by herself

Ganga comes outside to see the wedding stage all decorated. She says she never thought Shiv can fall off to such an extent.In the room, Aashi was excited to take her rounds in the Mandap outside. She asks her friends to see the Mandap again and takes them outside, although her friends warn that Baraat is here.

Ganga burns a long and lights the stage with fires. Aashi comes outside with her friends and was shocked to see the Mandap on fire. She cries about it and runs into the mandap. Her friends stop her but she walks into the fire trying to blow it off.Inside, everyone was busy with the preparations. Ganga comes inside and tells Shiv happily about what she has done.

  • Gangaa 19 February 2020 Update – Zee World

She asks if he wanted to marry her in a separate Mandap, she burnt that Mandap. She says she felt bad about it, but by now the Mandap must have turned to ashes. Shiv was shocked and in a state of disbelief, he tells Ganga that separate Mandap beneath the skies was Aashi’s dream. Aashi’s friend comes to take Shiv outside, as Aashi has been trapped in the burning Mandap. Savitri faints inside out of shock. Ganga hurries outside.

Shiv runs towards the Mandap, Aashi calls him for help. Shiv asks her to try and come outside. Aashi felt dizzy and faints inside. Her friends forbid Shiv to walk inside, but he jumps into the Mandap and holds Aashi outside. Ganga comes to throw water from bucket to make way for Shiv but he couldn’t find any point to come outside. The fire increased from every side. Finally, Shiv was successful in bringing Aashi out safe.

In the hospital, Savitri cried besides Aashi as she lay faint. Ganga stood outside the hospital room. Aashi wakes up watching everyone around and was shocked to see her burnt arm. She cries for what happened to her. Dadi assures it will heal up. Riya says atleast her life was saved. Ganga walks into the room but Shiv blocks her way, he says he won’t allow her shadow over his sister. Ganga goes outside wondering what she did in her anger. She prays for Aashi and cries outside.Outside, Aashi’s mother in law says they can’t marry Aashi anymore. Savitri gets to her feet requesting her not to break this marriage.

The lady asks if she must punish her son due to this accident. She comes to take her son. Ganga had heard this all and comes behind them. Shiv stops them, he joins his hands to Aashi’s fiancé and says its really easy to break a relation; the difficult thing is to live with a relation. He says he has seen love for Aashi in his eyes, would he leave her alone when she needs his love the most.

Ganga prays no injustice is done to Aashi. The guy leaves his mother’s hand and goes to hold Aashi’s hand. he accepts Aashi as his wife. Everyone was happy. He thanks Shiv for making him realize and understand the true meaning of marriage, his mother leaves the room angry.

Shiv now turns around and takes Ganga to the burnt Mandap. He pushes Ganga down on the floor there and says they have been married but their relation doesn’t have the spark that Aashi’s relation has. It’s because of Ganga that his house got unpeaceful, he would now turn her life unpeaceful. Ganga apologizes and asks Shiv to let her go. Shiv says today no one can stop their marriage.

Gangaa 19 February 2020 Update He makes Ganga stand up and takes rounds around the fire inspite of her resistance. After six rounds are completed, Shiv leaves her hand and pushes her away saying she isn’t worth his wife. From today onwards, she will live the life with an incomplete marriage. He would revenge her of every pain she brought into his life. He says if Aashi’s baraat had left today, she must have committed suicide.

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