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Delhi Darlings Sunday 19th April 2020 Update

Delhi Darlings Sunday 19th April 2020 Update

Delhi Darlings Sunday 19th April 2020 Update: On a bright Delhi morning, Manya greets her husband on her drive, he asks if her party was over in its swing, they decide to invite the elite on their anniversary party, she claims she has something amazing prepared for the event.

There is a very [particular women who has particular care on her nutrition, she explains that she takes into notice her intake and never likes to watch TV or use mobile phones.

In another part of Delhi, there is a child who explains that she wakes up early unlike her mother who likes to sleep a lot, the mother comes asking the time, she hands the mother i.e. Fari she explains that she is not like her daughter who is religious and organizes parties, she explains that she likes to do her husband’s things by herself she calls Pankaj requesting that he come early but he explains that he cannot as he has already gotten late.

  • Delhi Darlings Sunday 19th April 2020 Update

The mother is waiting anxiously for her sons result which was to arrive, she calls Disha to tell Krish marks, she is overly joyed, she complains that she used to beat him during the exams as she thought that he does not study, her husband does not answer her calls, she explains that these were the situations from the past two years but she feels really bad, Krish also says that he does not believe he was able to score such good marks, he feels really proud.

The mother asks him to pray to god and be happy as it is a proud moment for them all. Another elite of Delhi is rehearsing for her play, she ask her husband how he thinks she is doing, he encourages her that she is doing really well, she mentions that she is from Delhi and is the mother of a child, the interviewer is not happy with her performance, he starts to stop her informing her mistakes, she is not able to do anything more and this makes the producer frustrated.

Two women come into Manish’s clothes outlet, she feels the reason she wants to groom others is because others will also look good with the proper dressing. She mentions that details which she takes into consideration before deciding for someone her clothes. They make her try some samples, she further customizes her dress in order to further enhance her appearance.

The performance is not going as her plan, she is not able to meet the requirements of the director, he asks her to leave as he will inform her if they find her appropriate, she gets into her cars, when her husband asks how it all went and she explains that she did not expect it to be so difficult, her husband tries to console her but she requests that he remain quiet.

They all get a message from manya who invites them to her party because she has a surprise, everyone is worried how they will be able to reach the party, they get worried of the preparations, they blame manya that she has invited them on such a short notice. Delhi Darlings Sunday 19th April 2020 Update

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