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Deception April 2020 Teasers On Zee world

Deception April 2020 Teasers On Zee world

Deception April 2020 Teasers On Zee world

Deception Wednesday 1 April 2020 (Episode 27)
Naren takes Pooja away from town to seek help for her condition, and on their way a clown comes and distracts Pooja. Everyone in the house is looking for them.

Deception Thursday 2 April 2020 (Episode 28)
Pooja manages to convince Naren to wear female clothing for the day.

Deception Friday 3 April 2020 (Episode 29)
Pooja wants to see more magic tricks, and she has no idea the magician is just a fantasy.

Deception Saturday 4 April 2020 (Episode 30)
The doctor is trying to scam Naren and Neelima, and it is almost working.

Deception Sunday 5 April 2020 (Episode 31)
Pooja, Grandfather and Naren get visit from an old grandfather. Deception April 2020 Teasers On Zee world

Deception Monday 6 April 2020 (Episode 32)
Grandfather and Pooja find the control room and try delete the video from the hospital of when Grandfather came to tell Pooja the family’s secret.

Deception Tuesday 7 April 2020 (Episode 33)
Naine is the only one that is not fooled by Pooja’s mental illness act.

Deception Wednesday 8 April 2020 (Episode 34)
Teaser unavailable

Deception Thursday 9 April 2020 (Episode 35)
The priest sends a very strong message about Naren not being the heir.

Deception Friday 10 April 2020 (Episode 36)
Teaser unavailable

Deception Saturday 11 April 2020 (Episode 37)
Naren’s mother is acting as if she is also Pooja’s mother to spend more time with her son.

Deception Sunday 12 April 2020 (Episode 38)
Naren is running for the elections, and Pooja has pretend they are still happily married so Naren will receive more votes.

Deception April 2020 Teasers On Zee world

Monday 13 April 2020 (Episode 39) 
Rahul is forced to marry Neina.

Tuesday 14 April 2020 Episode 40
Neina has hired professional actors to act like her family at the Vya’s mention, this is part of her plan to inherit some of the Vya’s riches.

Wednesday 15 April 2020 Episode 41
Pooja has been kidnapped, grandfather is the only one that is worried.

Thursday 16 April 2020 Episode 42
The love hate relationship between Pooja and Naren continues.

Friday 17 April 2020 Episode 43

Naren’s plan to kill Pooja happens succesfully, but love has him rushing back to where it all happnend to stry save her.

Saturday 18 April 2020 Episode 44
Supriya can walk and Pooja is very suspicious with all that connections around the house.

Sunday 19 April 2020 Episode 45
Naren has no idead that the man he trusts with his work at this point is the the one that is planning to kill him.

Monday 20 April 2020 Episode 46
The love between Naren and Poojs keeps growing and Pooja and her family welcome him once again with love, except for Anja.

Tuesday 21 April 2020 Episode 47
Naren is making headlines with the rally and the Vya’s family is very proud of him.

Wednesday 22 April 2020 Episode 48
Today Neine and Rahul are getting married and Pooja is refusing to be part of the celebration seeing that she knows his intentions.

Thursday 23 April 2020 Episode 49
Pooja finds pregnant Surbhi where she has been held hostage this whole time.

Friday 24 April 2020 Episode 50
Naren tried to find out from the thugs who killed Mayank who hired them and why they did

Saturday 25 April 2020 Episode 51
Pooja disguises as Nenie’s Dr in order to catch that she’s lying about her pregnancy, but Neine is 10 steps ahead of her and removes her mask.

Sunday 26 April 2020 Episode 52
Pooja goes to the river and decides to end her own life.

Monday 27 April 2020 Episode 53
Naren is giving Pravin’s heart and now they have to stay with his evil wife to console her

Tuesday 28 April 2020 Episode 54
Bela is introduced to the Vya’s family but not everyone seems to be welcoming.

Wednesday 29 April 2020 Episode 55
Bela is trying to kill Naren all because he is using her late husbands heart and for years his
been abusing her.

Thursday 30 April 2020 Episode 56
Naren and his split personalities confuse Pooja. Deception April 2020 Teasers On Zee world

Read Extended April teasers below: The police call at the hotel Naren and Pooja lodged in and they jump through the window. Pooja who is unaware of the danger is all joyful. At the vyas mansion, Supriya is angry with
Naren for his deeds and neelima uses the opportunity to instigates Supriya against Pooja.

She says we know that they are husband and wife, but how can we forget about Kusum and Doctor’s words, and says your daughter in-law kid can be mad. She says if Naren becomes mad taking care of his mad wife. Also Rahul is still determined to pursue the couple further.

Pooja and Naren get attacked by goons in their journey and Pooja fights back. She also reveals that she is not truly insane! Pooja is back to acting insane but there’s a reason for it: Pooja thinks it is good that naren is not taking her to doctor and says if he had taken her there then she couldn’t fulfill the promise given to someone, and says if this secret comes out then many lives will be ruined and thinks to convince Naren to go back to hrishikesh. Deception April 2020 Teasers On Zee world

Naina finally gets Pooja’s location from Mayank. The doctor deceives Naren to part with lots of money despite knowing Pooja is not really mad. But Pooja returns and retrieves his money. The fake doctor along with his companion have wine and tells him that he didn’t see fool like Naren who gave him 5 lakhs cheque. Pooja comes there and hits him. She says what did you tell Naren that I will be fine and says you tried to deceive him. She ties him and gets the cheque and says because of you, people thinks doctors are deceptive.

Surbhi and Neelima are deceiving the family with a fake pregnancy. Pooja doesn’t know how to tells Naren the truth about his grandfather being alive and visiting her in the hospital after she got hit by the Bell.

The secret Pooja is hiding is revealed: a flashback is shown when Supriya comes to the ashram and gives birth to baby, but the baby was not breathing and her baby was swapped to Naren. Pooja thinks I have to act as mad to fulfill grandfather’s promise.

A devasted Naren falls Ill thinking that he wasn’t able to cure Pooja’s madness. Pooja tries all to make him fine. It is revealed that Mr. Kapoor knows the truth about Naren not being a vyas and had asked Pooja to fake madness so that Naren can leave her and he would marry her.

Mr Kapoor has kidnapped Naren’s grandfather and threatens to kill him if Pooja doesn’t return to him, Pooja is determined to end his madness. Later Naina meets up with Naren and tells him her identity. He wonders why Pooja kept the secret from him.

  • Deception April 2020 Teasers On Zee world

Mr Kapoor gets Naren beaten up badly so Pooja can return to him but Pooja is able to save him. Later he is kidnapped again and Mr Kapoor threatens to tell him the truth about his parent unless Pooja does as he says.

Supriya is looking for a new wife for Naren,she visits a priest who tells her the truth about her past: Supriya shows Naren’s kundali to Pandit ji. Pandit ji says according to your kundali, Naren is not your first child as your first child was dead at the time of birth.

Supriya is shocked. Naren manages to free Pooja from Mr Kapoor but he is one step ahead as he detonates the
bomb where the grandfather is kept and promises to detonate the ones planted at the vyas mansion. Later Mr Kapoor poisons Naren drink but he is unaware that Pooja had poisoned his own drink. Finally, Mr Kapoor dies but not before he informs the police that Pooja is responsible.

Naren gets consciousness and recalls Mr. Kapoor forcibly dancing with Pooja. Pooja gives her statement to Inspector that she killed Mr. Kapoor and is ready to sign the confession papers. Inspector asks why? Pooja recalls the truth and says she don’t want to say. When she is about to sign on the papers, Naren comes and stops Pooja, tells Inspector that her mental state is not good. Naren is able to free Pooja from the police grasp. But another
secret awaits them as they make their way back to the vyas mansion.

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