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Deception 8 February 2020 Update

Deception 8 February 2020 Update

Deception 8 February 2020 Update Naren telling Surbhi that they have nothing between them, except childhood friend. Surbhi asks what was those letter and pics then. Harish tells her that he used to send letters and pics to her on Naren’s behalf. Bhola Babu comes there with Hardik and is quite shocked. Surbhi is shocked and hurt.

She runs to him and hugs cryingly. Bhola Babu says what is this bad joke. He says I heard that you do good business, but doesn’t know that you play with relations. Bhola Babu doubts on his intentions and asks Supriya why did you make Surbhi see Naren’s dreams.

He says she has kept Naren’s pics all around in the house. He says I have taught her everything so that she can adjust well in their house. He says I made her ready to marry Naren. Naren says whatever happened was wrong, but I can’t marry Surbhi and asks him to punish Harish.

Deception 8 February 2020 Update

Surbhi runs to Naren as she walks to his room and faints. Harish asks Pooja why didn’t she convince Naren and asks who is doing this. He asks if she has sent messages to him. Pooja says why I will do this and says she is doubtful on Guru ji. Harish says now he is sure.

Pooja says she needs to talk to Naren now. She goes to Naren. Naren says you said that God is in our parents, and says he don’t want liar God. Harish apologizes to Surbhi. Surbhi asks why did you let me live in trance since 15 years, atleast I wouldn’t have much pain.

Yash says if he had told the truth then he would have lost the keys to wealth. He says you stayed silent so that we keep sending you cheques from New York. He says if I can give you 80 crores loan and save your house, then I can ask for it also. Everyone is shocked.

Pooja tells Naren to understand their helplessness. She says your parents have been alone, and needs you. She says Surbhi have a heart break and only she can feel her pain. Naren says he can understand her pain, but can’t do anything. Pooja defends Harish and Supriya and asks Naren to think.

Naren asks her to stop. Rahul asks what is that loan? Yash says you didn’t tell anyone and tells that Vyas Group was bankrupt and he saved his house and business, and whenever Harish wanted money, he helped him. Hardik asks what did you do? You didn’t tell us. Yash says I will not lose and says you will have to pay for this. Naren tells Pooja that he is not ready for marriage, and says he thought she understands him well.

Pooja says today you are not the same Naren who wants to take others pain on himself, and says today you are thinking about yourself. She asks him to stand and support his parents/Gods who have supported him till now. Deception 8 February 2020 Update

Yash asks him to give his company stakes and says he has spent 80 crores. He says either Naren will marry my daughter or settle this amount to me. Rahul tells Neelima that’s why Harish is bent down infront of Yash. Neelima says but Naren will not marry. Rahul says I will marry her. Neelima asks him to bring super rich bahu.

Pooja comes to Supriya. Supriya asks what did he say? Yash says I don’t know what is happening here, you don’t care about this relation and haven’t went to make him understand. He asks who is this girl. Neelima says servant. She says she is a honest servant and became his assistant very soon.

Deception 8 February 2020 Rahul says she is like his family member and he don’t stop her from coming in his room. Harish asks Rahul what is he saying? Yash says this girl can’t change my daughter’s destiny and asks him to make Naren understand or get ready to pay for this.

Naren comes and says 1 min. He tells Surbhi that he has nothing to give you, and can’t afford flight ticket to take her to her parents house. He says I am not made to marry you and don’t deserve good girl like you. He asks her to say something. Surbhi says I like you, the way you are? She says she loves him and his talks. Neelima gets tensed. Pooja looks on.

Harish tells Naren that everyone get married. Naren says may be everyone, but I can’t stay in a compromised life. Surbhi says how can I live without you. Naren apologizes and says he can’t entertain her heart. Bhola Babu gets angry and shouts at him. Harish says he will talk to him. Rakesh says 1 min and says marriage can’t be done forcibly and says we shall be glad that Naren said everything clearly. Bhola Babu says he made my daughter cried, and what I will tell to Amma and others. He says many alliance came for her, but he told them that she is going to be Vyas family bahu.

Rakesh says I can feel your pain and says if you return from here without her marriage then people will talk about it. He asks him to think about other sons of the family, and gives Mayank’s proposal. He asks him to accept it as a penance. Neelima says Rakesh is right, and says they are searching bride for Rahul. He says if Surbhi agrees then she will be happy. Rahul tells Surbhi that he will wait and just a call away.

Deception 8 February 2020 Update

Surbhi asks Naren to say yes once, and agrees to stay just as he wants. Naren refuses and goes. Pooja says I will talk to him. Bhola Baba says why you are dependent on a servant. Harsha says if Harish wants, she will talk to him. Harish says no, and says only Pooja can handle him and asks her to talk to him and convince him. Neelima and Rahul try to provoke Yash against Harish, Supriya and Pooja.

Guru ji calls Bandu and says once Pooja goes from Vyas family then everything will be fine. Kusum tells Satish that he has to get admitted in hospital in two days. Anuj says Pooja will handle him well. Guruji eyes his medicine and says Bandu.

Pooja tries to convince him and says you will get beautiful girl anywhere, but you will not get true love. She says Surbhi loves you very much and asks him to free his heart, may his heart will fly in love. Naren says I can’t love anyone. Pooja says love just happens and asks him to give it a try. Naren asks did you feel it ever. Yeh Ishq song plays……He holds her chin and asks did you love someone ever. Pooja recalls Naren’s care for her and all the moments. Naren says I am waiting for an answer. Pooja says nothing will change if I am in love or not, and asks him to change his mind and convince his heart. Guru ji comes to Satish holding wrong medicine or poison in his hand, and asks him how is he? Satish says he is fine. Guru ji asks Kusum to give him a chance to serve Satish. He asks Satish to have food and changes the medicine bottle cleverly. He then asks Kusum to give medicine to Satish. Kusum gives wrong medicine to him. Guru ji thinks he has sacrificed Satish and thinks now Pooja have to come here.

Naren tells Pooja that marriage is a bandhan of two people and says he can’t marry. Pooja asks him to give a chance to Surbhi atleast and reconsider a decision.

Naren comes to hall and tells Yash that he heard everyone since morning, you people might be right too, but the talk is about my marriage and I shall take the decision. He says I wants to spend time with Surbhi, officially meet her and wants to understand her. Yash asks how much time you need to understand her. 1-2 weeks. Naren says 1 year and says then only he and Pooja can decide if he shall marry her or not. Yash asks what nonsense? You will take decision with an outsider. Harish asks what nonsense?

Naren says Surbhi and I don’t know about each other. Harish says you will know each other after marriage. Naren says we have to understand each other then only Pooja and I can take a decision. Yash scolds Harish for sending servant to talk to Naren. He says now a servant will decide my daughter’s future. Naren says Pooja is his friend and have rights on his life. Yash refuses to agree to his condition and asks Surbhi to come.

Pooja stops yash and asks him not to get upset and says this time will strengthen their relation. Yash asks what will happen if Naren refuses to marry after a year, my daughter will be heart broken and we will become laugh of people.

Deception 8 February 2020 Update Surbhi says she agrees with Naren, and says we didn’t hear each other since 15 years and says I want to know about him, his likes and dislikes. She says 1 year will go soon and have no objection with Pooja. She says may be Pooja can help me in understanding Naren and asks him to tell what to do. Naren asks her to get ready at 4 pm. Harish takes a sigh of relief. Pooja thinks her happiness lies in Naren’s happiness and she has to unite him with Surbhi.

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