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Deception 6 March 2020 Zee World Update

Deception 6 March 2020 Zee World Update

Deception 6 March 2020 Zee World Update Pooja stopping Mr. Kapoor from committing suicide and says life is not cheap to be wasted. He gets angry and holds knife on her neck. He says who are you to value my life. Naren thanks the lady (Pooja Diwan) what she would like to have. He serves her wine and looks at the lady. Pooja hits him with her elbow and slaps him. She says if your life is cheap to succumb to knife and asks him to give a chance to life.

Mr. Kapoor cries. Pooja asks him to relax and gives him water. He thanks her. Pooja introduces herself as Pooja Goel Vyas. Harsha comes to Neelima and Hardik and says she brought food for them. She asks her to understand that Naren is going through a rough moment.

Neelima says why they shall suffer when Supriya is guilty of her son. She asks her to take her food back. Hardik says I am much hungry and will eat. Neelima goes. The lady tells that they met for the first time and got comfortable. Phone rings.

Deception 6 March 2020 Zee World Update

Naren says it seems your husband reached, I called him here, this world is strange. Harsha meets Harish and asks him to meet Supriya. Harish says he wants to come, but because of Naren, he can’t come. Naren tells Pooja Diwan to think what her husband will think when he sees money and roses. He asks her to change her company’s name now.

Pooja thinks about Naren’s pain and writes letter to him. She says she writes that she has become his jogan and she sees Satish’s reflection in him sometimes, but he is an exclusive piece. She says she has been waiting for the day when she can apologize to him, as she gave him pain and also the reason of it. Naren sees the Pooja fabrics board on road and throws the wine bottle. Pooja keeps letter for day 1.

Neelima argues with Harish. Hardik says until when we will fight with our family. Rakesh comes and says he said right. He says everyone gives their example that Kashinath’s family is one. Neelima says we all know what you mean and asks him to become jamai, and not to become their boss. She says he is breaking all of us in the name of Jamai.

She says if we all will get punished. Surbhi says I deserves punishment firstly and says it was my duty to keep the family united, but I couldn’t and says sorry to Neelima, Harish and others. Naren comes and says what a family drama, I am impressed. He says he called everyone here for some personal reasons. Neelima asks him to come to point. Naren tells that Mrs.

Vyas can’t handle Vyas Mansion and someone has to handle its responsibilities. She says I know everyone has their eyes on it. Surbhi says she don’t want these keys and asks him to keep it. Neelima says she don’t want keys and knows how to get her rights. Rakesh suggests him to give keys to Harsha. Surbhi asks Rakesh to keep his suggestion with himself and says let Naren decide.

Harsha says if she gets keys then she will become enemy of her mayka. Naren says he don’t understand why keys are always handled by women and gives keys responsibility to Mayank. Everyone is shocked. Deception 6 March 2020

Mayank says Bhai. Naren says I am not giving an option, it is a decision. Harsha asks him to listen and thinks why Naren is hating women so much. She thinks about Dada ji’s words that time changes sometimes, and sometimes person changes with time, worries for his family

Naren coming to the Event. The women gather there tell that Naren Vyas has organized the event and throws chappals, sandals on him. He smiles as girls throws chappal on him and catches it. Reporter welcomes him and asks him to do shakti puja. He asks her to keep him away from any pooja.

A woman is seen there standing with her face covered with veiled. Naren splashes some colors for the puja. Same woman comes there and touches his feet. Later woman asks where is the surprise. Door bell rings. Naren tells her that he called her husband here.

A woman is shocked. Naren tells her that he is very popular in Hrishikesh then also she came to him in his room. He asks her to name her business in his name to save her reputation. Woman signs on the papers and leaves. Naren smiles. Veiled woman keeps eye on Naren.

Mayank comes and asks Naren why he is ruining many women lives and taken over their companies. He asks him to send that woman’s pics to her husband so that her marriage breaks.

Naren says he is fed up of love and feels peace. He asks if Mrs. Kapoor is coming. Rakesh comes and tells that Mrs. Kapoor send a watch for him with an invite. Naren thinks to meet Mrs. Kapoor and make her next target. Mrs. Kapoor drapes saree on her and wears it.

Deception 6 March 2020 Naren comes to her room. Mrs. Kapoor says I told that no curtain or lock can stop us. Naren says it seems there is some past connection between us. He comes to her and asks what he shall lose. She asks him to lose his hatredness. They talk about her husband and his wife. Pooja says it seems you haven’t understand your wife.

Naren says it seems you understands my wife well. Mrs. Kapoor comes infront of him. Naren is shocked to see Pooja. He recalls everything and says Pooja. Pooja fills her maang with sindoor and says she is Mrs. Kapoor and came to do business with him. She says don’t try to play games with me and tells that she has captured his doings in camera. Naren says it will be fun now and says let the game begin. They shake hands. Pooja says lets go for maha aarti. Naren says after you.

Pooja doing the maha aarti and recalling touching Naren’s feet a day before, and thinks she came to melt the stone. She asks God to put all Naren’s bad things on her shoulder. Naren leaves from there angrily. He drives the car rashly. Mayank asks him to be careful and says why Mrs.

Kapoor came. Naren stops the car and tells Mrs. Kapoor is Pooja. Mayank is shocked. Pooja takes out the letters and thinks she kept all letters safely for each day when she was away from him. Naren is walking on road and drinks wine. He comes home. Surbhi is in his room and asks him to change clothes.

Naren doesn’t let her touch him and says I permitted you to enter my room, but haven’t given you permission to become my wife. She says your sleeping pills. Naren says I can take it and asks her to just leave. Surbhi thinks she will become his wife soon.

Naren asks Mayank to tell Servant not to be worktheft. He taunts at Neelima. Naren asks Mayank to get special food made for the guests. Surbhi checks the food and says it is good. Mayank asks her to change the menu and asks her to get something else made. He says you couldn’t win him in this one year.

Rakesh comes and tells Surbhi that Pooja is back. Surbhi says if he will become her deewana again. Rakesh says they will fight this time and laughs. Naren asks Mayank to make good arrangements and says he is waiting for the special guest. Neelima looks on. Mayank brings the flowers and band.

Harsha asks who is the girl? Naren asks Band guys to play some music. Naren asks if everything is arranged. Harsha says this time is not auspicious. Pooja comes in her car followed by her employees. Naren asks Band guys to play music.

Naren says welcome Ms. Pooja Kapoor. Pooja looks at him. Naren says this was your home once at a time. Band guys plays music and flowers are showered on her Harsha gets worried. Neelima and Surbhi get angry. Pooja walks in. Naren tells her that they were waiting for bahu, but the wait was longer and the flowers got old.

Deception 6 March 2020 Zee World Update Pooja asks can we talk about business. Naren asks her to have a seat. Pooja tells that she has got info that he is not taking care of his mum and got orders from court to check on her. She thinks she came to make him get back to right bath. She shows the proofs against her.

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