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Deception 3 March 2020 Update

Deception 3 March 2020 Update starts with Supriya giving Pooja a book, she asks her what it is, she tells her that tonight is her last day in Naren’s life and asks her to live as his wife tonight. Surbhi sees them and thinks they are getting together. She thinks of her plan. Pooja tells Supriya that again she has to break Naren’s heart.

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Supriya says sleeping pills will help you and adds in milk, asking her not to feel guilty as she has her permission. Pooja comes to room. Naren tells poetry expressing his love for her in a very unusual yet romantic way. Oh Re Piya plays…….He holds her hand and tries to get closer to her. He tries to get closer to her. She makes him drink water. Naren drinks milk and asks ifs he is happy now. Jogiya song plays…..Naren tries to get closer to her, Priya tries to go.

Naren says it seems you want something and asks her to ask. Pooja asks him to promise and says you will never get upset with Maa or Papa, and will be happy always. Naren asks why you are asking. Pooja says if she gets chance again or not. He hugs her. Pooja cries and realizes that she slept. She makes him sleep. Jogiya song plays…..

In the morning, Naren wakes up and sees divorce papers. Pooja calls him Mr. Vyas and asks him to give her divorce. Naren asks what you are saying? Pooja says she was brought inside the house so that she can change Jogi into sansari man. She tells him that she is not illiterate and was not also Pandit’s daughter. She says she agreed to Supriya and Harish’s offer because of Satish’s health. She says when she has successfully changed him into Kanhaiyya, now she will take payment and leave. Naren asks her not to tease him.

Pooja says she did the deal in these clothes. Naren asks with whom she did the deal. Supriya says she brought Pooja home so that he don’t go on sanyas path and who can do this work best than same age girl like yours. She says she used to send Pooja with him so that he gets closer to her. She says they needed a son to save Harish’s son and to take Dada ji’s legacy forward. Naren is shocked and teary eyes, says you have done my business.

Deception 3 March 2020 Update continues, Supriya says you didn’t leave any way for us. Naren says world can change, but not you. He asks Pooja to tell what is her helpless and who is forcing her to do this. Pooja says you? Guru ji sees Pooja and Naren’s kundlis and counts something on his fingers. He thinks I have to do something, this is a sign of anarth. Pooja tells Naren that it is truth. She asks him to sign on the papers by evening and sent him. She says today she is going to America.

She says you might have understood why that visa agent came that day, and asks him to sign on the divorce papers and free her. She says it was difficult to stay in his room with him and asks him to get her stuff checked before she leaves. Supriya asks Pooja to come to her room and get the money. Pooja says yes Maam. Naren is shocked and recalls all the moments between them. Jogiya song plays…Malanga plays as Naren looks at Pooja as she goes.

Pooja comes to hall from her room. Naina song plays….She recalls Naren’s love, care, respect, friendship etc for her. She says I am sorry Dada ji. I hurt your grand son, now you can only handle him. Supriya comes to her. Pooja runs. Supriya also cries. Pooja thanks Supriya. Surbhi asks where is Pooja going with her bags. Rakesh asks Pooja where is she going? He asks Supriya is everything fine. Naren comes and says Pooja is angry about something and that’s why doing this. He says he will do as she says, but don’t burdened him with the papers and asks her to tell that it was all lie.

Pooja pushes him and asks him to stop it, calls him Mr. Vyas. She says she came there with a purpose and now her motive is fulfilled. She is tired of carrying burden of Vyas name. Surbhi and Rakesh smiles. Naren says ok, it was all act, but what about our friendship, love, marriage and the connection with I felt. Pooja says it was just favor and asks what you have in you so that I will fall in love with you. She says you didn’t understand that I am not interested in you, and says it is better to become Aya of mad man rather than loving you.

Naren is shocked and says I was dreaming about you, without knowing that you will snatch my dreams. He says I can’t lift the favors burdened anymore and signs on the divorce papers. He says I have freed you from all favours. Jogiya song plays. He tells Rakesh that he is ready to get separated from his mum’s favors and asks him to make such papers. He says I have learnt that God is just illusion, fake. He runs inside. Pooja cries.

Guru ji comes there and insists to talk to Supriya and Pooja. Rakesh says you can talk in room, nobody will disturb you. He signs Surbhi. Guru ji tells Supriya that Naren and Pooja have to be separated for a year, then after one year Pooja’s chandaal dosh will be cut by Naren’s grah. Then nothing will happen to Naren. Pooja gets greatful to Guru ji and tells Supriya that Naren’s goodness made her dosh go.

Deception 3 March 2020 Update on Zee World

Guru ji says you both are made for each other and tells that such kundlis which matches most qualities are very rare. He says he is happy to do penance and do something for them. Rakesh and Surbhi hear them and get happy. Rakesh says I have sent them purposely in that room. They hear everything. Supriya asks Pooja to go to America and return after 1 year.

Surbhi says Supriya wants to separate them for a year, but she doesn’t know that I will separate them for forever. She says Pooja’s kundli dosh have made things easy for her. She tells Rakesh that he must have understood what he needs to be done. Rakesh says your work will be done before she reaches airport and asks her to do his work. Surbhi says ok. She says Pooja will die while dreaming about him.

Deception 3 March 2020 Update ends as Guru ji asks Pooja to do some good work and help people. Pooja asks Supriya to take care of Naren. Naren is in room and thinks what Pooja had told about him. He recalls Pooja telling that he can get tax exemption also. Pooja is in the car and looks at Naren’s pic. She thinks she has to stay away from him for a year and will pray for his happiness, betterment and prosperity and wishes for forgiveness after a year. Naren breaks the photo frame.

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