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Deception 2 March 2020 Update – Zee World

Deception 2 March 2020

Deception 2 March 2020 Update on Zee World

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Naren brings Harish back to office and asks him to handle his responsibility and chair. Harish recalls Yash making Hardik as Chairman. Harish sits on chair. Pooja recalls Guru ji asking her to come for Tap. Supriya asks Pooja if she liked the saree and says today is the last day of sale. Pooja says she can’t go today. Naren asks Supriya to come and have pic clicked.

Guru ji calls pooja and asks her to come for Tab. Pooja says it is already 5 am and asks him not to tell Satish. Guru ji asks her to come and says ok. Naren asks boy not to come to office. Boy says how I will earn now? Naren says his dada ji’s trust will take care of him and his family expenses. Harish and Supriya get happy hearing his decision. Harish asks Naren to sit on the chair and asks him to accept his saying for once. Naren sits on the chair. Supriya gets happy and says she don’t want any black eye to fall on her family. Rakesh smirks.

Surbhi says everything will be fine now. Naren asks Surbhi to take up Rahul’s CEO post. Surbhi thanks him with a hug and tells dialogues. Harish says he is proud of him. Pooja thinks about him. Naren tells Rakesh that he is freeing him from Vyas empire and now he can practice to be CA again. Rakesh is shocked and says his hard work can’t go waste, and he wants this chair at any cost.

Naren makes Pooja sit on his chair and says this is your dream, your chair before me as you are my boss. She says she has a long list of complaints. Naren says but I have nothing except Thank you. He thanks her for scolding him, for showing him right path and for connecting him with his Papa and for letting him show right on her. He kisses on her hand. Oh Piya plays….Pooja asks him to have some shame and says we are in office. Naren says you are my wife and goes to call photographer. Pooja thinks sorry Naren, I have to go so that I can get pics clicked with you for forever. Supriya sees Pooja leaving and asks where is she going?

Pooja says she is going to sales exhibition. Supriya thinks if she is in trouble and asks driver to follow her. Pooja asks driver to take her to Nirvana ghat. She gets down on the ghat and buys jalebis and some stuff. Supriya hides her face. Pooja again sits in car and asks driver to drive. Supriya asks driver to follow her taxi. Supriya misses Pooja’s car.

Naren talks to Dada ji’s pic and says he has always given great importance to his values. Pooja comes to the ghat where Guru ji is already waiting for her. He asks her to think again. Pooja says time is running to take Sankalp. Guru ji asks her to get ready. Supriya comes there and thinks why did Pooja come here. Guruji hopes that Pooja’s dosh goes.

Pooja says she is ready to get Naren’s all troubles on her to get rid of her Chandaal dosh. She asks Guru ji to give all troubles on her. She pours water on her head. Supriya comes there and is shocked.

Supriya comes to the ghat and sees Pooja doing the tap. She gets shocked and recalls the happenings. She calls her aloud. Pooja gets shocked seeing her. Supriya asks her why she is doing puja. Pooja says I will explain you later, but let me do this today. She tells Guru ji that now she understood that he is taking her bahu on wrong path.

Deception 2 March 2020 Update continues when Guru ji says he is doing penance now. Pooja asks her to let her do tab. Supriya says she won’t let her do Tab and tells that she will do the havan khandit. She pours water on the havan. Guru ji shouts Maa. Pooja says what did you do? I have dosh in my kundli and this tab was the last way to get rid of all troubles from his head.

Satish and Kusum do Gauri puja. Rachel asks about the puja. Kusum says until when daughter will stay at her parents’ mum. Satish asks God to help Pooja. Pooja tells Supriya that this was the last way to take all troubles on herself to safeguard Naren. Supriya says you loves him so much so that you don’t worry about yourself. She says I thought wrong about you and cries…She says you kept him far from you for his own betterment. She says you have completed my upbringing in real means and is beyond everyone. Pooja cries. Satish is tensed and emotional. Kusum thinks what happened to him.

Supriya says she can’t let anything happen to Naren or let her do strict Tab. She says if destiny don’t want to be together then I am ready to accept it. She asks her to separate with Naren for their betterment. Pooja is shocked.

Naren enquires about Pooja and comes to know that she is not at home. He thinks she is planning surprise for him and calls someone to keep the new company in Pooja’s name which will handle charity etc. Pooja asks Supriya what they will tell to Naren and says if she goes then he will bring her back. Supriya looks at Guru ji and says there is one way.

Surbhi comes to Police station and asks Rahul to give her divorce, and tells that Naren made her CEO of the company, and soon she will get place in Naren’s life. Rahul tells Surbhi that someone is there to support him there. Surbhi says you are talking about Phupha ji. Rahul says I am impressed and tells that he will read the papers and decide.

Pooja asks Supriya what she is saying and says Naren will hate his mum. Supriya says she can do anything for bahu like her and hugs her.. Guru ji says people would have seen good relation of saas bahu.

Naren books the trip for Pooja and him and thinks to surprise her. Rakesh thinks his son will get the chair and handover files to Surbhi. Surbhi smiles. Rakesh asks her to call him if she needs anything. Surbhi says I need you now. She says I know you have many dreams for yourself and Mayank, but I can fulfill all your dreams if you do my one work. Rakesh says I don’t understand. Surbhi says I know everything about you, your weakness is money and power, and my weakness is naren.

She asks him to help her to get Naren and in exchange she will make him owner of the company. Rakesh asks what do you want? Surbhi says Pooja’s death. Rakesh asks are you mad? I can’t take anyone’s life. Surbhi asks him to leave Pooja and think about his own son, says she made Mayank a drug addict. Rakesh gets shocked and agrees to her saying. He says work will be done, but if you refuse after that, then I had also played many games. Surbhi says we have relation of evilness and nothing shall happen to Naren.

Deception 2 March 2020 Update ends as Pooja thinks what to do to keep you away from me. Naren says I have a surprise for you and says we are going to America tomorrow itself. She stops on the stairs itself. Naren says it seems I have to lift you. Pooja says she forgot to bring milk and goes. Satish is worried for Pooja and tells Kusum that he is missing Pooja. He thinks what to tell you that Pooja will not be Naren’s wife from tomorrow. Pooja cries in the kitchen and asks Ram ji what was her bad karma. Supriya comes there and says it is my son’s destiny and asks her not to blame herself. She gives her something.

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