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Deception 12 February 2020 Update

Deception 12 February 2020 Update - Zee World

Deception 12 February 2020 Update Supriya giving Naren’s marriage invitation card to Sridevi. Sridevi talks about motherly love and promotes her film. Dr. Anand tells Pooja that his love is enough for both of them and she can take time.

Pooja thanks him. Supriya calls pooja and invites her for Naren’s wedding on 15th July. Pooja gets tensed and thinks if Naren comes to know that our marriage dates are same then he might get stressed. Guru ji thinks of telling Harish to keep marriage on 15th July and thinks to inform Naren.

He calls Naren and congratulates him. He says it is a good coincidence that both friends are getting married on the same date. Naren thinks of his promise that he made to Pooja. Mayank comes and asks what happened? Naren tells him that Pooja’s marriage is fixed on the same date as his. Mayank is shocked and asks with whom she is marrying.

Deception 12 February 2020 Update

Pooja cries. Dr. Anand asks her to trust him. He says he is afraid of tears and gives his handkerchief. Pooja wipes her tears. Dr. Anand says he will keep the handkerchief always as it is priceless now. Pooja says sorry. Naren tells Supriya that Pooja’s marriage date is also on 15th july. Yash says we will do Naren and Surbhi’s marriage arrangements.

Naren tells Supriya, how will Mama ji do the arrangements alone and suggests that they shall Pooja get married from their house. Yash says he will not make the marriage as mass marriage. He says if Naren wants to attend her marriage then we will postponed Surbhi’s marriage date. Surbhi says she is having no objection and thinks if she agrees to him then he will agree to her later. Deception 12 February 2020 Update – Zee World

Naren says we will go and talk to them. Mayank takes out his anger. Harsha comes and asks what happened? Mayank says how can Pooja get married to someone else, when she loves me. Harsha says she is a mohini and badmouths about her. Rakesh comes and asks who told you that she is Mohini. Harsha says Guru ji told me. Mayank says Guru ji told me that she loves me. Rakesh says he will go and talk to her Mama.

Naren and Supriya come to Satish’s house. She says Pooja is like her daughter and says she wants her marriage to be done from her house. Satish thanks her and says he wants Pooja’s marriage to happen from his house. Pooja says she also wants her marriage to happen from her house. Naren gets worried and asks Dr. Anand if he has any problem if the marriage happens from his house. He says it is good and he has no problem and asks Pooja to agree. Satish agrees and says vidaai will happen from my house.

Pooja asks Naren why did he insisted to get her marriage happen from his house and says all families are different and says she don’t want mama to be insulted. Naren says mama’s respect is his responsibility now and asks her not to think else Dr. Anand will scold him.

Rakesh comes to Satish’s house and says he needs to talk to Pooja. Pooja greets him. Rakesh tells Satish that Pooja have made her place in everyone’s heart and says he is happy as Pooja is getting married to Dr. Saheb. He asks where is Guru ji? Satish says he went out. Rakesh smirks.

A man comes to meet Guru ji. Guru ji calls him Bandu and asks him to come. Rakesh suffocates his neck and says you tried to sacrifice my son. It shows that Rakesh is the Bandu with evil intentions

Rakesh tries to suffocate Guru ji asking him if he was going to sacrifice his son. Guru ji thinks it is all Bandu’s game/Rakesh. Pooja thinks to take out Naren from her heart and be happy with Dr. Anand. Surbhi calls Pooja and thanks her for returning Naren. Deception 12 February 2020 Update

Pooja says he is always yours. Surbhi says yes and says he is made for me. Pooja apologizes as Naren asked her to touched her feet. Surbhi says now she understands him and says she can’t wait anymore.

Guru ji tells him that Mayank is mad in Pooja’s love and says when you can betray your own family then why can’t I. He says you made me meet Neelima, Rahul and Harish and asks what compelled him to betray Vyas family. Rakesh tells that he couldn’t forget the Diwali day.

A fb is shown, Harish refuses to get Harsha married to a small accountant. He insults Rakesh badly. Fb ends. Rakesh tells that he will show Harish what an ordinary Jamai could do. He says Mayank will become MD and Naren will take sanyas. He tells that he has dreamt big for Mayank and he can’t marry a girl like Pooja. Guru ji says now there will be a big blast in the marriages.

Dr. Anand calls Pooja and asks her to meet him. He says he couldn’t refuse when Naren requested him. Mayank calls Rakesh and asks if he talked to Mama. Rakesh says he will talk to him on return. Surbhi is making changes in Naren’s room. Naren says he don’t want any changes. Deception 12 February 2020 Update – Zee World

Surbhi says she can’t stay in sanyasi like room. Dr. Anand brings Pooja to her house and asks her to make changes as this house will be hers too. She says she don’t want any changes. Dr. Anand’s mum calls him and asks him to send bahu’s pic. Dr. Anand says he will send. Naren calls Pooja at night and asks her to come out and meet him, says he is waiting outside the house. Pooja says now.

Guruji sees her going and gets doubtful. Naren asks Pooja to come with him. Pooja says we can talk here also. Naren asks why you are confused and asks her to come. They come to a local tea shop. She asks what is the problem. Naren says Surbhi wants his room to be painted pink. Pooja laughs. Guru ji calls Dr. Anand’s mum and asks her to come from a certain place. She says ok and asks who is he? Guru ji ends the call.

Dr. Anand’s parents stop the car near the tea shop and asks Naren about the place. He asks pooja to tell. Pooja tells them. They leave. Dr. Anand’s mum tells her husband that girl is laughing with boy. Just then they get pooja’s pic sent by their son and are shocked. They think that their son will not marry a characterless girl. Surbhi asks Naren to adjust with Surbhi. Naren asks if she will change for Dr. Anand. Pooja says she has to apply new color on her heart. She tells that they have to go soon.

Naren’s bike doesn’t start. Pooja panics. Dr. Anand’s parents reach his house and insists to have morning tea made by Pooja at her house. Dr. Anand asks them to make arrangements. He calls Kusum and tells that his parents want to visit their house. Kusum welcomes them and asks about their choices. Dr. Anand says he don’t want any changes. Kusum looks for Pooja and couldn’t find her at home.

Mechanic checks Naren’s bike and says he will take time to repair it.. Pooja gets tensed. Just then Dr. Anand calls Pooja and tells her that they are coming to her house to have tea made by her. Kusum gets worried. Pooja is also worried as he says they are coming in 10 mins.

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