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Deception 11th March 2020 Zee World Update

Deception 11th March 2020 Update

Deception 11th March 2020 Update Harish telling Pooja that he is fortunate to have her as bahu and says he feels bad that he hadn’t understood her worth. He says his mum, and then Supriya had taken care of the home and now he wants her to handle her. Pooja smiles. She dances on the song main toh bhool chali……around Supriya. She takes Harish and gives his hand in Supriya’s hand.

Supriya looks at Harish. Naren looks at them from the balcony and is teary eyes.

Later Pooja senses someone presence and sees Satish standing. She is shocked and says Mama, you are here. Satish says he came to see her from far. Pooja hugs him and gets emotional. She asks if then the distance between us widened so much. She says I know that you have trust on my decisions even now.

Satish tells that there is a tension in the house as Anuj wants to marry Ritu/Rachel who is staying in our house and tells that Kusum is against love marriage.

Deception 11th March 2020 Update

Pooja says she will talk to Kusum. Naren hears them and drops bottle from his hand. Pooja asks who is there? and goes. Naren smiles and says lets clean our hands too.

Pooja assures Mama that everything will be fine. Satish asks her to be careful and tells that someone is after her, and tells that someone wants to kill her and is responsible for Supriya’s condition. Pooja says she has a doubt and asks him not to worry as Harish is safeguarding her. Surbhi thinks about Naren and Pooja’s dance and thinks she will get Naren anyhow. She calls Yash and asks him to find out all details about Mr. Kapoor.

Pooja thinks to talk to Kusum. Servant comes and says Naren sent this. Pooja sees the Bible and the letter. Naren asking her to read Bible as it will help her. Naren makes painting and thinks these colors are not suiting you. He makes tears in the painting and says very soon you will have tears in your eyes.

Harsha tells Supriya that they will take her to temple. Neelima says we will take her to inhouse temple daily and says this is Pooja’s order. Harsha says it is good. Rakesh signs Harsha to come. Harsha tells Neelima that she felt good seeing her taking care of Supriya. Rakesh asks Harsha to do some work for him and asks her to harm Supriya. Harsha is shocked and says this is not right.

Rakesh says you will lose your husband and son. Harsha cries. Anuj asks Pooja not to interfere in his personal matter and says did I interfere in your personal matter. Pooja asks him to get angry with her if he wants, but she will not go. She asks if Kusum knows that Ritu is actually Rachel and is Christian. Anuj says no and says inter-caste marriage is
common now.

Pooja asks Rachel to call her parents. Rachel says she is not in contact with them for 4 years. Pooja says they shall convince Kusum through father Pinto as Kusum respects him a lot. They smile.

Deception 11th March 2020 Update

Pooja tells Satish that they have to talk to Mami someday. Satish calls Kusum and asks her to listen to them. Just then Rachel’s parents come there. Pooja asks who are you? She tells Mama that someone came to meet him. Rachel calls them mom and dad. Rachel’s mum asks why did you call us. Rachel asks why did you come here, to see my condition. Who called you here?

Pooja asks them to come. Naren comes and says, Rachel…I invited them here. Kusum is shocked to know that her name is Rachel. Naren says so much silence and asks Kusum to welcome their Samdhis. Kusum is shocked and asks if this is true. Naren says you don’t know about these love birds. He says you both brother and sister are the same and says they are quite colorful.

Pooja asks him to shut up. Naren brings sweets and champagne and says he doesn’t know what religion they will follow to celebrate. He serves champagne to Kusum. Kusum turns her face. Pooja says it was disgusting. Naren says Christian girl will become bahu, have to learn her customs. Kusum says she will never accept Christian bahu.

Maha Sangam 8:30- 9 pm
Neelima brings Supriya to temple and says she is very happy to see her here. Harsha nods to Rakesh and cries. Naren tells Pooja that he called Rachel’s parents and stopped Father Pinto from coming there. Pooja says she will not listen to her. Kusum asks them to take her daughter and leave. Rachel’s mum refuses for the marriage and asks Rachel to come in 10 mins, after ending everything. Naren comes and says Mrs.

Gomes, Car is waiting for you and I have made arrangements for your stay. I will take care of you people. Pooja gets angry on Naren. Deception 11th March 2020 Update

Harsha lits the lamp and keeps it in the inhouse temple. Surbhi and Rakesh looks on. Kusum asks Rachel to leave. Rachel says she will not go until Anuj asks her to go. Kusum pushes her and makes Rachel falls on ground. Anuj pushes Kusum. Pooja slaps Anuj. Naren tries to provoke them against each other. Kusum says I don’t want this girl to marry my son. She asks Pooja to leave.

Naren comes to Pooja and says I understand there was a big drama and stress inside. Pooja asks why you are targeting my family. Naren says I am following your rules and says it is their bad luck that they are related to her. Pooja says you wants to play ghar ghar game and says you will lose in this game too. Harsha takes the lamp. Surbhi says why she is taking time, may be Pooja will come to set off fire.

Rachel asks Anuj if he has strength to go with her. Anuj is silent. Rachel says if I go, then there will be no right on your memories. Kusum says she is threatening my son and gets up. Anuj holds Kusum. Kusum says now you got the answer. Rachel is about to go, Pooja asks her not to take a wrong step. Naren says if they leave at home and tells that they are saying the same thing.

Pooja asks Satish to take Kusum inside and says she will talk to Anuj and Rachel. Kusum says you don’t need to become their mum. Satish says they are of same age, let them talk. Naren says lets play ghar ghar. Pooja tells them that she will get them married and asks Rachel to shift to hostel and asks her to trust her and says I am with you both. Harsha keeps lamp close to Supriya’s saree and makes her Pallu catches fire. She then cries and goes from there. Supriya sees her Pallu on fire.

Neelima shouts for help. Naren comes and sets off fire with his hands. Supriya cries and hugs him. Naren also reciprocates her hug and then pushes Supriya. Pooja comes home and tells her security where were those nurses and asks them to fire them. Naren scolds Pooja and says you will not step inside Mrs. Vyas’s room. Pooja asks why? She says I didn’t know that you will open your curtains so soon. If a son kept this bandish then it is on head.

Naren says I kept it on you who is ruling my family. Pooja says atleast you have accepted your mum. Naren pushes her. She gets a call on her phone. Mayank picks the phone and gives to her. Pooja picks the call. Satish tells that Kusum has decided to get Anuj engaged and invite the guests too. He asks her to reach dehradun soon. Anuj thinks he will marry Rachel only. Naren signs Pooja to sit. Deception 11th March 2020 Update

Pooja sits. Naren says Rani keeps security with her. Pooja says who has stopped your senapati and asks him
to stop wasting the time. Naren says Rani has to play to hold Raja’s neck. They play the game.
She gets a call and is shocked. Naren gives a winning smile. Kusum cries. Satish asks her to calm
down and says Anuj is an understanding guy. Pooja comes there.

Kusum blames Pooja. Pooja
promises to bring them back home. Naren looks at the caged birds. Mayank says it seems you
don’t want to go to office. Naren says I called three interns here and asks Mayank to free the love
birds. Servant asks all interns to wait for Naren in the study. Neelima says welcome ladies and
then says gentlemen. She smirks and asks ready to strike. They nod and go to study. They make
the injection ready and wait for him.

Satish asking Pooja if there is any news about Rachel. Pooja says warden said that she had left 2
hours before. Satish prays to God for their safety. One of the woman plan to trap Naren and
mixes something in his champagne. Naren comes and says what is up boys. They greet him.

Satish says they are not on ghat or temple, where did they go. Pooja thinks Naren must know about Anuj and Rachel. Naren drinks champagne and asks them to inform to Bangalore company that new manager will be joining them and asks to give special welcome, not less than a honeymoon arrangement. He is about to drink the drugged champagne when Pooja comes calling Naren. Naren keeps the glass down and shouts for his name asking him to come downstairs.

Pooja says I know very well that you have provoked them and asks him if he don’t feel shame to do
such things. Naren says he has also learnt from his mistake. Pooja asks where did you hide Anuj and Rachel? Naren asks how do you know? Pooja says how can you lose chance to hurt me. Naren says how can I upset you and shows Anuj and Rachel to her. Pooja says I thought you have goodness left in you somewhere. She asks Anuj?

Do you have an idea what Mama and Mami are going through. She asks him to trust her
and promises him that she will convince Mami. Naren asks Anuj to think and says your sister is habituated to break trust. She asks them to come with her to Dehradun. She asks Anuj if her brother will support her. Anuj nods.

Pooja asks Rachel to shift to hostel. Rachel nods her head. Naren says you people are still
believing her and tells that Vyas mansion’s door will be opened for you. Rachel refuses to go to
hostel until she gets her answer, and will stay there with Anuj. Naren says this is a wise decision.
He calls Mayank and Surbhi and asks them to get guest room ready for the love birds. Surbhi
smiles and says yes. Pooja tells Anuj that he will not share room with Rachel.

Anuj says he will sleep in hall while she can sleep in guest room. Naren asks Mayank to get booking done for Rachel
and Anuj for Bangalore flight. As you know Mrs. Kapoor and Promises don’t go hand in hand, but
we have to wait for 24 hours, lets wait then. Pooja tells Anuj that the answer will be positive.
Pooja asks her team to submit papers in court. Waiter comes and steals her phones and leave.
Naren comes and locks Pooja in room.

Pooja tries to open the door. She says whoever has done this haven’t done right. Naren asks are you alright Mrs. Kapoor. He asks why you are not replying.
Pooja says I will not accept defeat so easily. Naren says he thought to do some entertainment you
have 24 hours and I have all flights tickets to go to Bangalore. He says I have locked all windows
also, so all the best. Pooja says Mr. Vyas and thinks don’t worry, I won’t let you break my house.
The ladies meet Rahul. Deception 11th March 2020 Update

Rahul taunts them. The lady blames other ladies. They say that they stop her so that she don’t land in any problem. Rahul says he will give another chance. Pooja thinks how to get out of room and sees the stone kept there.
Naren says this time, Mrs. Kapoor will lose. Pooja breaks the glass and comes out, saying four
walls can’t cage me. She slips and falls on him. Naren says she is still same and he has not
forgotten her betrayal. Pooja says atleast you can read my eyes even now. Naren says if Mr.
Kapoor comes to know that you were so close to me and if he becomes your enemy. Pooja says
there is no chance as she has fixed enmity with him only.

Kusum refuses to accept Rachel and scolds Pooja. Satish tells that it is better if he dies. Kusum
gets worried for him. Satish asks her to agree for Anuj and Rachel’s marriage. Kusum agrees.
Satish apologizes and tells that he acted along with Pooja to convince her. Pooja tells her that
sometimes we agree seeing our loved ones in danger. Kusum asks if she will do puja and apply
sindoor in her maang. Pooja says I don’t think she will have any objection. Kusum agrees.
Naren asks Anuj and Rachel, where they are going.

Anuj says Pooja managed to convinced his
mum for marriage. Naren thinks he can’t let the love birds unite and have to do something.
Pooja telling Satish that Anuj messaged and they are coming home. Satish asks Kusum to be good
towards them. Naren tells that it is not necessary that they reach home. Pooja tells Kusum that
she made anjeer Prasad and they shall offer bhog to God. Anuj and Rachel are happy and asks
Driver where he is taking them.

Naren laughs and says he gave wrong address to driver. Driver
tells them that Pooja asked him to take them to Police station. Anuj asks Driver to stop the car.
Driver refuses. Anuj tries to stop the car and asks driver to stop the car else they will meet with
an accident. Rachel and Anuj gets hurt as car hits the tree. Anuj gets Naren’s call and tells that Pooja played game with them and tried to send them to police station. Naren tells him that he will
send car and asks to send location.

Anuj and Rachel come to Naren’s house. Rachel gets fever.
Anuj puts wet cloth on her forehead and is going out. Naren asks him to be with Rachel and not to
worry about the world. Satish tells Pooja that they can come tomorrow because of the land slide.
Pooja gets worried and hopes they don’t take any wrong step. Anuj goes to room and locks it.
Surbhi tells Rakesh that they shall take advantage. Rakesh says now see how I get the pictures

Pooja thinks atleast Anuj must have informed me and comes to Vyas Mansion. Naren calls her and
says 24 hours are near and Bangalore flights are on time too. Surbhi comes and gives envelope in
her hand. Pooja comes to Anuj and asks how can he be so careless. She sees Rachel on bed and
asks what happened?

Anuj stops her calling her Mrs. Kapoor. Just then she gets Kusum’s call and
she blames her for getting the news published. Pooja reads the newspaper and is shocked. She
asks why did you stay together when I asked you to stay separately and come there. Anuj says
you tried to stop us and were sending us to Police station and says he didn’t hope this from her.
Pooja is shocked. Anuj and Rachel comes out in hall. The ladies hold Rachel and asks her to get
ready to apologize, to calm down her hot blood. Pooja asks her to talk to her.

Harish comes there and asks women to stop troubling simple people for news. Woman tells that
all family have to apologize now. Pooja asks her to talk to her directly. Kusum asks her to stay
away and tells that her son Anuj is a simple guy and tells that someone must have provoked him
to do such thing. Deception 11th March 2020 Update

Surbhi says Naren kept the escaped love birds here and you people are blaming
us. Pooja says I know who got the pics and news published. Surbhi asks her to tell the name of
the guilty person. Mayank tells Naren that he did wrong to get the pics published. Naren says he
didn’t do anything.

Kusum asks Pooja to tell her who got the pics published. Woman organization
lady tells that you all have to apologize to us. Suddenly some Saint comes there. Harsha and
Harish greet him. Saint says Om Shanti. Pooja calls Naren and tells that revenge fire was so deep.
Naren says he didn’t do anything else would have told straight on her face. Pooja ends the call.
Harsha tells about Swami.

Guru ji stops her from washing his feet and says I know your family since your father’s times, but
after reading the news, I came to know that your family have become modern. Harish says it is
not like that. Guru ji asks didn’t this couple sleep in the same room. Kusum says my son is

Surbhi says she wants to get money from us. Pooja says how much money you can give
us, and says 10 crores, 20 crores, and tells that her husband gifts her valuables more than her
assets. Guru ji asks Anuj who provoked him to take such a step. Pooja talks about good values
binding them with their customs and traditions of the country. Guru ji taunts her for talking about
customs after leaving her first husband, marrying another and then coming back to first. He asks
where is your son Harish? Naren is seen there.

Guru ji asking Harish where is Naren? Harish says Naren is out now, you can talk to me. Naren
comes there and asks what headlines they want to make. He asks Woman Organization, Guru ji
and Media to get out of his house. Guru ji says so much ego and arrogance , and says who will tell
that you are kashinath’s grandson and tells that no doubt that you have provoked these children
and will be punished. Naren asks how does it matter and says he don’t give explanation to anyone
and asks him to have some wine.

Guru ji says you will be punished and one punishment is enough
to wash away your sins. Naren says I am waiting. They see Guru ji’s men bringing some pots.
Guru ji tells everyone that Vyas family had done charity of stuff to temple and shows the Dada ji’s
name plate and the silver pots.

Harish asks why did you bring it. Guru ji tells that he will remove all the things given in
kashinathji’s memory and throws the nameplate. Naren gets teary eyes. He recalls Dada ji asking
him not to leave his values in any circumstances and say Om. He keeps the wine bottle, wipes his
hand and picks it up. He gets emotional. Pooja looks at Naren and stops him from leaving. She
tells that they respect their customs and traditions, and tells that she wants him not to punish any
innocent guy and tells that she is his guilty. She tells that she provoked Anuj and Rachel to stay in
room and supported them. She asks him to punish them. Guru ji asks her to leave the city and country and never come back again. Naren is shocked.

Everyone is shocked. Guru ji asks his people to throw her out. Pooja says when she has the guts
to accept the crime, then she can leave too. Naren thinks why did Pooja lie? Naren goes out. The
lady ask her to leave else she will kick her out. Pooja goes out. The women gang attacked Naren
with rod. He shouts Pooja.

Woman gang takes him in car. Pooja runs back and see a car leaving..
She asks Security whose car it was? Security says office people. Pooja thinks if Naren is in trouble.
She thinks what to do? She asks Servant if he saw Naren inside. He says no. She calls him.
Woman sees her call on Naren’s phone.

Guru ji tells that they will boycott Gupta family from now on. Kusum asks them not to do this and
tell some solution. Everyone is shocked. Guru ji asks them to get Anuj and Rachel married
according to their customs and asks Gupta family to make their niece Pooja leave country. Harish
tells Guru ji that Pooja is innocent, she is NGO Head and is a social workers and how can she
favours wrong thinking. Guru ji says you are going against my decision.

Harish says I am refusing Deception 11th March 2020 Update to accept your wrong decision. Guru ji says if that girl don’t leave then they will boycott Vyas
family also from their community. Pooja calls Naren. Woman switches off his phone and throws it
afar. She says now you can’t meet Naren Vyas.

Harish comes out. Pooja tells him that Naren is in trouble as she heard his voice and sent her
team to search him. Harish says ok. Surbhi thinks where is Pooja going in urgency and what
Harish was talking to her. Pooja sees oil mark on the road.

Naren seeing woman gang digging the land. They say welcome to the lunch date of your life.
Naren asks them to open his hands and asks who are you? The woman asks her to have a sip of
wine and throws it on his face. They remove their moustaches, beards, turbans and open hairs.
Naren laughs seeing women in men’s disguise. He laughs and says you are so egoistic. Woman
says you are on death hot seat and saying this. Naren says good try, but your try is also weak like
you and frees his hand.

  • Deception 11th March 2020 Update

Woman hits rod on his head and he falls down unconscious. Pooja talks to
Mr. Kapoor and says she didn’t find Naren till now. She gets down from the car and calls Naren.
She sees petrol leakage marks on road and recalls seeing it outside of Vyas mansion and follows

Surbhi also follows her in her car and thinks why Pooja is tensed. The women gang bury Naren
along with wine and glass in a coffin and puts sand on hit. Pooja gets down from the car and finds
the gang car there. She thinks he might be here.

Woman says we will miss you and are going after covering the coffin with sand. Naren gains
consciousness and tries to get out. Pooja calls Naren. Surbhi follows her. Pooja finds something
and understands that he is under the soil. She moves the soil and finds coffin. Naren is still stuck
inside. Surbhi looks at her from far. Naren loses consciousness.

Pooja opens the coffin and finds unconscious Naren inside. She shouts Naren and asks him to
open his eyes. She checks his nerves and asks him to open his eyes. She hugs him. Jogiya
plays….Supriya prays in the inhouse temple. Pooja asks Naren if he can hear her. She pumps his
heart and massages his hands. She then opens his mouth and gives him breathe through mouth
to mouth respiration. Naren gets the breathe and coughs. Deception 11th March 2020 Update

Pooja cries and says I will bring water, asks him to keep his eyes open. Pooja goes. Surbhi thinks this is the good chance, poor Pooja, now Naren will not get closer to you. She asks him to get up and says anything can happen here.
Naren calls Pooja. Surbhi asks him to get up. Naren recalls Pooja going.

Pooja sees the women gang. Woman says you can’t protect Naren Vyas. They try to attack Pooja, but she fights with them being martial arts expert. She holds a woman with her hand. Other woman asks why you are supporting him being a woman. Pooja says he is my husband. Women gang is shocked.

Harish calls Samdhi to Satish and apologizes to him. He asks when he will get Anuj married? Satish says very soon. Harish asks him not to worry about Pooja and they are here with her Pooja tells them that she is guilty as she is responsible for Naren’s all crimes. She says sometimes patience to bear something makes a person stone. Woman asks why did he snatch our everything, our house, husband, family and company. Pooja accepts that Naren did wrong and tells that if he did wrong then you too have done wrong.

Deception 11th March 2020 Update Surbhi helps Naren to walk. Pooja says she has returned to make Naren realize his mistake and says she will do penance and asks for a chance. Woman hugs Pooja. Naren sees attacker woman hugging Pooja. Surbhi says it means they are with Pooja

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