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Deception 10 March 2020 Zee World Update

Deception 10 March 2020 Zee World Update

Deception 10 March 2020 Zee World Update starts with Naren coming to the party. Harsha wishes him happy birthday. Naren says I don’t need any. Harsha asks him not to spoil his mood.

Naren asks her not to worry and asks where is Surbhi? Mayank says she might have went to her kitty party. He asks him to cut the cake. Naren recalls Pooja telling that she will make him have first bite and says we shall wait for 5 mins.

Deception 9 March 2020 

Pooja comes singing happy birthday to you.. The spot light falls on her. She says happy birthday. It seems you thought that I will come from outside, but I was in the house itself since much time. Naren looks upset. Naren asks who got her bail done. Pooja says oh my god, you was not informed before my bail was done. She asks him not to get stress and calls Surbhi. Surbhi comes there and tells that this game played such game and left no option for me. Naren signs her to keep quiet and asks Mayank to call DCP.

Pooja asks what is my mistake? Naren says you have stolen confidential papers from my office. Pooja says your childhood friend. Surbhi shall be punished and asks him to have a look at the video. She shows the CCTV footage of
Surbhi hiding some important file of Naren’s office in Pooja’s room and then calling Naren to call Police.

Naren is shocked to see the footage. Pooja calls Police and asks him to make them wear hand cuff. She shows the cake and asks him to cut the cake. She tells that Police is fake and it is a joke. Harish asks what is this misbehavior? Pooja says why did he do such low and old 90’s trick. She says she will make him eat the first cake bike and asks to switch on lights.

Satish feels concerned and worried for Pooja. He thinks even Mahek is going through a lot of problems. Pooja asks Naren to just chill and asks Harsha to do his tilak before he cuts the cake. Harsha does his tilak. Naren is upset. Pooja says there is a small gift and says how can we forget the person giving birth to you. Nurse brings Supriya.
Supriya gets scared seeing knife in his Naren.

Naren cuts the cake. Pooja says I want to see you lose again. She makes him have the first cake bite. Harish wishes him happy birthday and gives him gift. Naren looks at the book and goes. Pooja thinks I will eat next birthday cake with your hand, this is your wife’s stubbornness. Naren is in his room. Pooja comes. He asks her not to take any more steps, and says he doesn’t want to see her face, asks her t leave from his life. Mora Piya plays, as Naren holds Pooja’s hand and saving her from falling down from the stairs.

Deception 10 March 2020 Zee World Update

She tells him that she came to inform him that he didn’t give an overdose of medicine to her patient. Naren asks then who did it? Pooja says I will tell on a condition. Naren asks her to tell the price. Pooja says it is priceless and asks her to touch Supriya’s feet. Naren is upset. Pooja asks if she shall think of his silence as yes. Harish gets
emotional and happy. Naren asks her what is her advantage. Pooja says this is the insult that I can gift to you. Neelima meets Rahul in the lock-up.

Naren coming to jail and holds Neelima’s neck asking how dare she to try to kill Supriya. Rahul asks Naren if he uses his strength on a woman only. Naren gets inside and beats him. Rahul also fights with him and smiles seeing Pooja coming there. Naren comes out of lock up and says Neelima Vyas shall not be seen in the Vyas Mansion again else she won’t be lucky next time.

Pooja says I hope you will think twice before taking others’ life. Rahul says she is in different avatar, but have same love in her eyes. Pooja tells Harish that maa worn the saree and will soon recollect everyone. Harish says Supriya
needs Naren the most. Once he calls her Maa, she will keep her hand on his head. Pooja says today only it will happen.

Deception 10 March 2020 Zee World Update

Harish says I hope so. Pooja asks Nurse to make Supriya wear foot ring. Pooja smiles seeing Naren coming there. Pooja says you have fulfilled your promise and says Mrs. Vyas is very happy to wear foot rings. She says Supriya is waiting for her son. Naren says her age will be finished and says you had expected a lot. Pooja says you have promised. Naren says it is for break. He asks her to feel the pain of breaking heart. Pooja looks on sad.

Rahul meets the women whom Naren ruined. He says new chapter begins in Naren’s life and the book will be written by me. He asks ladies are you ready. They sign yes. Rahul says time for boom. Pooja comes to Naren and says you must have broken promise and says you didn’t see woman like me and says you have to take shelter of your mum’s aanchal within 24 hours and if she fails to make him do such thing, then she will transfer Mr. Kapoor’s wealth to his name.

Neelima asks Pooja what she wants to do, first she provokes Naren against her and then wants her to stay back. Pooja says she wants to make her realize her goodness and says although you have done so much wrong with them, but you will remain as her sister. She says now Supriya needs her friend a lot. Neelima says you wants thief to safeguard the house. Pooja says who could be better than a sister. Neelima says she got ready to go out of house.
Pooja says I am still Shahi guest.

Neelima says do you think that I will agree. Mayank says don’t know what she is doing. She got ready to give away 250 crores company if you don’t touches Supriya’s feet. Naren says she couldn’t understand that I have changed. Harish tells Pooja that they can’t take advantage of Mr. Kapoor’s goodness and says you said that you will transfer his property to Naren if he doesn’t touch Supriya’s feet.

Pooja asks him not to worry and says he will get her blessing and Mr. Kapoor will not lose his wealth. He asks until when you will hide your pain and suffocation and says he can’t see it anymore. Pooja asks him to sit and says Naren and my relationship will be like before. Harish blesses her. Naren thinks why Mrs. Kapoor is interfering in my

The employee comes and says three interns wants to join the office. The three woman wear mustaches and become sikh like attire. They look on as Rahul prepared them to attack Naren. Pooja and Harish come to Supriya’s room and see her in almari and scared. Pooja says we all are your family and loves you a lot. Harish gives his hand and asks her to come out. Naren recalls Pooja’s challenge. The three woman plan to hurt Naren so that he will be on wheel
chair all life. Naren senses someone’s presence and checks. They hide. One of the woman introduces Naren as interns and says she says she wants some details. Harish shows the album to Supriya.

Deception 10 March 2020 Zee World Update Supriya gets scared seeing naren’s pic and runs saying Surbhi was right. Harish and Pooja try to stop her, but in vain. Supriya falls down from the stairs. Naren who is in his office cabin. One of the woman among the three, who is going to attack him asks him to check the system as it is hanged. While Naren checks the system. The woman tries to make him smell chloroform. Naren gets the call. Pooja informs him that Supriya fell down from the stairs and got hurt. Naren asks woman to take details tomorrow and goes. Woman says they will see until when he will be sprayed.

Harish prays to god for Supriya. Pooja calls Shaurya and asks him to switch on Tv. He watches news and thanks her. Naren comes home recalling Supriya’s accident. He sees everyone gathered there for a party. Naren asks what is all this and asks about Supriya. Pooja says everyone is fine her and says it is a misunderstanding. She recalls
saving Supriya and harish thanking her.

Naren gets angry. Pooja says everyone is waiting for the owner and asks him to see the guest of honor. She goes near Supriya. Supriya brushes off her hand. The people keep flower petals on her way. Pooja says she might be feeling good and asks him to take out anger at once. She says there is one more shock for you. Neelima comes and
hugs Supriya. Supriya gets happy.

Naren asks what Neelima Vyas is doing here. Pooja tells him that she has freed Neelima from Servant’s work and took her in her team and asked her to take care of her sister. Naren asks what she wants to prove that he is good for nothing son. Pooja says she wants him to accept Supriya as his mum. Naren refuses to do as she says. Pooja says you are fake and asks him not to attend the function, go to the room and open the bottle of wine. She thinks her mission will be fulfilled.

Naren goes to his room angrily. Harish asks did he tell you anything. Pooja says at least she is getting his
hatred and says today it is dandiya. Harish asks if he will come. Pooja says he will come fully dressed up for dandiya function. Naren goes to room and gets angry recalling Pooja asking him to
touch Supriya’s feet. The dandiya function begins.

Deception 10 March 2020 Zee World Update Pooja sings and dances waiting for him. Naren is distraught with her words. Pooja gets sad as she thinks he will not come. Just then she sees him coming holding dandiya stick and dressed according to occasion. He asks if she is shock and asks her to play dandiya with him. Pooja says what else I could ask than this.

Naren and Pooja’s tashan starts. Naren says he will snatch her husband’s company. Pooja says he can’t. Dandiya music plays…Pooja is about to slip. Naren holds her. Jogiya plays….Naren and Pooja continue to dance. Surbhi dances with Naren and asks if Mr. Kapoor doesn’t care about Pooja.

Naren asks her to talk to him. Surbhi asks Pooja why she is after Naren. Pooja asks her why she is eyeing him when she is married to Rahul. Naren says let’s see what you will do today. Pooja makes him fall down on Supriya’s feet. Naren is shocked to see his hand touching her foot. He gets emotional. Supriya helps him get up. Harish and Pooja smile.

Naren looks on angrily. He recalls Pooja telling him that he has to take shelter of his mum within 24 hours. Pooja comes near Supriya. Supriya touches her face. Pooja gets emotional and smiles. Harsha makes Supriya have food and says she will take care of her from now on. Surbhi asks her to make Pooja leave. Mayank says Pooja has done what you couldn’t do in a year.

Harsha asks him not to forget that Surbhi is his bhabhi. Surbhi tells Rakesh that they will be exposed if this continues. Rakesh says he has still one Hukum ka ekka. Neelima calls Rahul and asks where is your girls’ gang. Rahul says I came to know that they failed and says now he has another plan and asks her to begin arrangements for the celebration.  Deception 10 March 2020 Zee World Update

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