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Biohacker using his son’s blood to reverse ageing claims he is “transitioning”

Biohacker using his son

A biohacker who uses his son’s blood to try and reverse the aging process has claimed he is “transitioning”.


Bryan Johnson has spent substantial amounts of his estimated half-billion-dollar net worth on trying to reverse aging. He claims he has been able to turn back the biological clock, reporting to have detected various elements of his body reacting differently to a man of his conventional age. He claims he has even noticed changes in his lungs, skin, and even erections.


Biohacker using his son


It is part of his wider Project Blueprint, and it sees him receive plasma from both his 70-year-old father Richard, and 17-year-old son Talmage.


Now, in a series of posts, Bryan claimed he is “transitioning”.


Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Bryan said: “Even my Face ID is confused. I’m transitioning…”


He then posted three side-by-side images of his face from the years 2018, 2023, and 2024.


He added: “My pronouns are it/it”.


Biohacker using his son


Bryan then wondered what he would look like in 2049 as he shared three photos of himself showing how much he has transitioned, alongside a space with the date 2049 and the question, “Where next?”


Meanwhile, X users responded, telling him he was at his best in 2018 before he started transitioning.


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