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Billy Graham Devotions 19th March 2020 – We Need Faith

Billy Graham Devotions 19th March 2020 - We Need Faith

Billy Graham Devotions 19th March 2020 – We Need Faith


SCRIPTURE: And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God. — Mark 11:22

TODAY’S MESSAGE: Dr. Wernher von Braun, the guiding scientist in the development of our great space rockets, has said, “The materialists of the 19th century and the Marxist heirs of the 20th tried to tell us that as science yields more knowledge about the creation, it makes us able to live without faith in a Creator.

Yet so far, with every new answer we have discovered new questions. The better we understand the intricacies of the atomic structure, the nature of life and the master plan for the galaxies, the more reason we have found to marvel at the wonder of God’s creation.

But our need for God is not based on awe alone. Man needs faith just as he needs food, water, and air. With all the science in the world, we need faith in God.”

Why do we need religion, since so much of the world is explained by science? Read Billy Graham’s answer.

Prayer for the day – Billy Graham Devotions 19th March 2020

Father, man’s incredible inventions are so insignificant when I contemplate Your magnificent creation. Yet, in complete dependence, I realize my need of faith in You for my smallest need.

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