Another’ True Story of the EKEREMADU Incident

Another’ True Story of the EKEREMADU Incident


Unfortunately this is what is trending.
Let me give a little informed insight here.
1. Ekweremadu’s daughter recently passed out from her NYSC where she served in Abuja early this year and has been in the UK since February this year.
She travelled with the young man in question.
2. The young man is 21 years of age, not a 15 years child and is related to the Ekweremadus through Ekweremadu’s wife.
He’s not a vagrant picked from the streets of Lagos.
3. The young man kidney didn’t match Ekweremadu’s daughter’s and so he couldn’t be a donor and had been in the UK on Ekweremadu’s account since February this year.

Another’ True Story of the EKEREMADU Incident
4. The young man was notified by the Ekweremadus that he will have to travel back to Nigeria since the transplant cannot go ahead.
5. The young man obviously didn’t want to travel back to Nigeria and believing the circumstances could support his application for asylum in the UK, he went to the police to make the claim that he was 15 years (a child/minor) and was misled into accepting to be a donor.
6. Definitely his claim is being given the benefit of doubt by the UK authorities but the Ekweremadus have been scandalized, humiliated and reduced to felons by the young man’s quest to achieve a stay in the UK.
The investigations will definitely cover the Nigerian angle of events and the facts will be clear for all to see as time goes on.

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