4 Billion a month is not enough for the Niger Delta Region.  Godspower E. Benakiegha

4 Billion a month is not enough for the Niger Delta Region.  Godspower E. Benakiegha


The Niger Delta is not just the region that produces the nation’s wealth but also the Nigeria Oxygen without which Nigeria will never survive no matter the ranting from any quarters, As such 4 billion naira monthly contract for a region as Niger Delta is nothing compared to what some individuals puts in there pockets on daily basis from oil proceeds While we are Left to kill ourselves and oppress ourselves from the crumbs that come from the table of those who are degrading our environment and carting away our resources.
No doubt, In every libration there are people God uses to facilitate the beginning and the end, Moses, Aeron, Joseph, Esther and others are Biblical examples of liberators, while I congratulate and commend our own Chief Government okpemupolo for presenting himself to be use to champion the New age Niger Delta Liberation, I will also want to posit that, before Abraham they where men and there will still be men after men till Jesus come
Meanwhile I will want to draw the attention of all actors to note:
‘In the early years of the struggle the ogbe-ijoh people was predominantly among the fore-front of championing the emancipation of the Niger Delta region even before so many came up, the ogbe ijoh who has fought so many external cum internal environment battles that brought awareness to the Ijaws of Delta State cannot be overlook or treated like a rejected stone in the scheme of things or underrated by anybody no matter who you are or poses.
While I am enjoying the influx of people to our domain to access what is accruing to them as regards the recent pipeline surveillance Job awarded to the region we the ogbeijoh people will not want to sense any act of insubordination, deprivation and manhandling of the ogbeijoh affairs.
The ogbe-ijoh kingdom is not a strange name in the history and map of this country as one of the rich oil kingdom and also the local Government headquarters housing other rich oil producing kingdom in warri south west LGA of Delta state, Nigeria.
While I salute chief Government Okpemupolo for sustaining and giving leadership to aged long struggle as a mentor and motivator to many I will want to call his attention to consult widely and involved critical stakeholders in Ogbe-ijoh kingdom Most particularly the youth before distributing any Job or contracts related entitlement if not we will give a stiff resistance to any process put in place to undermine the youth and people of ogbeijoh kingdom. Everybody should respect themselves and maintain there lane, for we will not give that Chance to any internal or external body to manipulate our dividend because he or she has connection to any power block.
The ogbe-ijoh people is not inferior to anybody and can never be
We cannot afford to be called a fool again because of any factor
over the years the ogbeijoh kingdom has lost very prominent and notable freedom fighters and there remnant will not be allowed to suffer deprivation from any selfish and self style persons masquerading themselves as leaders. The records are with us at the appropriate time we shall play the record and tender the facts and comprehensive history of the journey to the public
Ogbeijoh my people you must wake up.
We have allowed too many things and it becoming a norm and right.

Godspower E Benakiegha
Ogbeijoh kingdom advocate/
Pen Militant and truth Apostle

4 Billion a month is not enough for the Niger Delta Region.  Godspower E. Benakiegha

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